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Classes with registration required and multiple children

My daughter is 2 1/2 years old, is a Canton resident, and has her own library card. My sister is a Plymouth resident with a Plymouth Library library card and watches my daughter in my Canton home during the day. She would like to sign my daughter up for story time classes (which require registration) at the library but would need to sign her 6 month old son up in order to attend the classes. How can my sister go about being eligible for signing her son up for the Canton Library classes so that she can allow my daugther to participate?

Unable to register for Family reading night program

The Canton library brochure delivered to our home mentions a Family reading night program funded by Target. I am however unable to find any details about this program on the library website.

Date Change for the Computer Maintenance Class

There is a computer maintenance class that is scheduled to meet on Thursday, October 14 from 9:30am-11:30am. When I attempted to register for the class, it now indicates that the class will meet on Friday, October 22. Which is the correct date? I certainly hope that the original date of Thursday the 14th is correct since I intentionally rearranged my work schedule in order to take this class.

Class cancellatins

I am enrolled in MS Word I on 10/5 and MS Word II on 10/12. I have a schedule conflict for both of these courses and won't be able to attend. Please remove me from both of these courses so someone else can use the spot. Thank you.

Digital Camera for Beginners, AND about Facebook

Hello, I am a canton resident. We all love this library so much. I am a working mom and want to learn about digital camera pictures transfered to computer and download them and transfered them on facebook. Please can we have a class in the evening one day instead of morning so working moms can come too please. I also want to learn about how to chat on Facebook and how to send messages to one friend without showing to others and a lot of other stuff on the facebook please. Please can we have a class in the evening one day for this too.

Why aren't there any programs like this at our library?

Homeschoolers @ the Plymouth District Library
Wednesday, September 22 at 1 p.m.

Come explore the library with us! Join us for an afternoon of information and entertainment. Homeschooling families will have the opportunity to tour the library, learn databases, review the functions of the online catalog, meet other homeschooling families, and have an exciting library scavenger hunt.

Sign up at the Youth Services Desk or by phone at 734-453-0750, #5 starting September 15, 2010. Homeschooling families only, please.

Google Class Held on Sept. 14th

Brad, I could not find your notes on This URL was not recognized. Plus you said you would expand the notes. If so, where will they be posted? Thanks.

Performances coming to Michigan

Hello, I am interested in getting in contact with someone from your Youth Services Dept. I am the Artistic Director of Kidworks Touring Theatre Co. in Chicago. We will be performing at several places in Michigan, between November 9-13th (+Southfield Public Library on Wed. November 10th 7pm). We would love to perform at your library, as well, and introduce your community to the arts in a fun and interactive way. Please check out our website at to learn more about our multicultural and environmental programs for children ages 4-12 years. Also, please feel free to contact me directly to design the best program to meet your needs. Thank you so much, Sincerely, Andrea Salloum Artistic Director Kidworks Touring Theatre Co. (773) 972-7112 /

Storytime for 2 yr olds

Just want to put in a request again that the 2yr old Storytime start a little earlier for the next session this winter. Ending at 10:30 makes it impossible for those of us that have to pick up older siblings from school. After I made this request last season I was told to try Family Storytime. We did and will not be doing that again. Besides my disappointment of having a different leader every week, trying to get a toddler to sit still when there's a cart full of toys in the room for the next event was no fun. Between the toys, piano, coat rack and windows that large room up front has too many distractions. I took my older son to the library all the time when he was younger but now there are so few time slots available I haven't been able to take my little one to anything! A 9 or 9:30 two yr old class would be awesome! Thank you for your consideration.


Will there be Storytime in the fall? Looking at the calendar, it looks like there's just a playgroup available.


I tried to register for the Program "Water to Wine" next Thursday. It said I could register two people per library card, but it only let me register one. Could you please register one more person for me?

Teen Creative Writing Classes


I was wondering if you have a waiting list for the Teen Creative Writing Classes? I would like to put my daughter on this list (Amanda Nilles) if you have one.


Getting a library card

Is it possible for me to get a Canton Library card for my nephew who lives in a different community but who I would like to register for/bring to Children's programs?

How does our Earth day event get posted?

We are having a solar open house celebrating our 25th year in the solar energy business on Sat. April 24th 10am - 4pm. We are going to have cake, balloons, free door prises and a special prise for our customers of 25 years. We are right down the road from you here in Canton. How do we get our earth day event posted on your site?

The Beauty of the Tongue - Learning a 2nd Language

Hello, I would love for my kids and I to learn Manadarin. Is it possible that Canton could consider offering some type of secondary language clases? I would think that with Canton's rich diversity, they could find a volunteer tutor. Or A registration fee would cover the cost of the instructor. I am very interested and think that the addition of such a program would be beneficial for both the library and the patrons. Another idea would be to add a "classified" link to the library's website. Any post would first have to be approved by the library. This way someone like myself could post the following: Mandarin instructor wanted for family to learn 2nd language. Please email me if interested. I think the Canton library is already awesome and a great place to visit, but this would make it even more popular for perhaps. Please kindly take my suggestions into consideration. I look forward to your repsonse. Adrienne

research class

I notice the Northville library offers a research class called REAL research (realiable. expert. accurate. legitimate). It helps students avoid the free web and use sources that really matter in the library, including free databases. Do you offer something like this. I am particularly interested in the class for my homeschooled high schoolers (2). Thanks, Debbie Crocker

A Unique Addition to CPL guest will love

Hello,...My name is Dan Carter, I am a Canton based resident and somewhat of a local celebrity. I am a Vocalist, Songwriter, and Caricature Artist. Along with many newspaper write-ups, I've made tv appearances on Fox-2, WDIV-4, and WXYZ-7. My offer is one that will add an element of "family fun" to CPL, and all will absolutely love. As a "giving back to the community effort" I would like to appear once or twice per week and sketch caricature drawings of you guest. The heading of every drawing page will your logo and name inscribed, I'm considered amoung the best in my craft in the metro Detroit region. This would all be done at no charge. I'd love to set up a meeting with you guys to show samples of my work and discuss in greater detail. Again,..I'm certain it's gonna be a unique twist all will love, particularly the kids. I'll look forward to your response. -Dan C 734-612-9043