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Zentangle class suggestion for Canton Library

Hello. I have recently completed my accreditation as a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), and I’m reaching out to the community for opportunities to share this art form through classes and workshops. If you haven’t been introduced to Zentangle yet, an article on the technique will be published in the August issue of Michigan Scrapbooker, a free paper arts magazine ( Zentangle is focused pattern drawing that creates a structured yet flowing artwork one line at a time. Concentrating on each individual stroke allows your mind to unwind and relax. You can see some of my Zentangle work on my website: - May 24 - May 9 - April 21 You can learn more about Zentangle at: Zentangle works as a stand-alone art method, and it offers numerous possibilities to create specific projects.

summer program

did i miss something..what exactly are the qualifications for these program we choose one under each, do them all, are we reporting only online? is nothing happening at the library itself?? how are gifts this really attached to computer accessability??? other programs were easy to recognize..i am not clear on this..i always felt a strong part of the programs before was the personal contact with library staffers and the excitement that people generate...don t get that with a machine. more input needed..thanx I d appreciate it ..tell me why I should involve my grand ducks in scattering all over town instead of enjoying our library bldg and all its wonderful books and people...i don t see the structure of it all...i could see do x, get first glance with previous programs, i see do x and y and z and and maybe abc to get...a badge, maybe...a gift or a prize or something, maybe...yes it does end, that s good , but i m lost on the rest..

summer reading program

I think this program is great for adults, but for children I wish you would go back to the old program. I have children in a reading program at school and they are required to turn in a reading log from the summer reading program through our local library. To that end, we will be registering the kids at Plymouth this year instead of Canton.

Creative Writing Workshop

Dear Librarian, I am a junior for the upcoming school year and I was interested in taking this class. However, I am unable join because the status of the class shows that it is full. I am wondering if there is anyway I can still be part of this class? Thank you for your time, Piyush Goyal

Summer Reading Program

With the summer reading program are there any "prizes" to earn besides the "virtual badges"? In the past couple years I received bowling, ice skating passes, sunglasses, a crown, bookmarks among other stuff. Will we be able to still get a book at the end?

Summer Reading Program

Can we still do the summer reading program if we do not have a computer?

Baby Storytime

Hello, I am interested in taking my baby to storytime classes at the library. Will there be any Baby Storytime classes offered this summer? Thanks! Jessica

Summer Reading Program

When does registration for the summer reading program begin?

Lucky Day shelf -- What a fabulous idea

I've gotten lucky on more than one occasion. Thanks for having this available, it's always my first stop!

Conquering Your Pain the Holistic Way

Will this Event be rescheduled for another time?

Henna Workshop

Hello, My name is Kelly. I am a henna artist in Ann Arbor. I would like to offer the Canton library my services to teach a workshop for henna art to kids, teens and young adults. Henna is a great outlet for creativity. I provide all the henna for the kids, as well. Its an all natural paste of pure henna powder and oil. I have taught workshops to different groups in the past and they always go over very well. If this is something you would like to do, I'd be happy to organize a workshop. Kind Regards, Kelly Caroline 734 536 1705

computer skills

Why can't tweens and over join this? I really want to do the MS word 1 and MS word 2. please let me register for it.

Local talent

I've been thinking and I believe it would be a good idea for the library to have some sort of program to help local talented writers show off their work. Also to help them spread the word of what they are doing. I think such a program could be beneficial to the whole community.

Question about one of your events coming up...

I saw this on your homepage... Islam Awareness Week — Muslim Women in Canton Living As Muslim Women In Canton will feature the daily lives of several professional women, including business owners, doctors, engineers, students, scholars, mothers and more. Join us on March 24 at 7:00PM in the Community Room to hear the accomplishments and challenges of being Muslim in Canton. This program is presented by members of the Muslim Community of Western Suburbs in celebration of Islam Awareness Week. Do you plan to have a CHRISTIAN women in Canton event, and the same as you mention above with the Muslim women? Just wondering. Gayle Bortz

computer class schedule for march and april

Hello! Could someone from the library please e-mail me a copy of the computer class schedule for march and april. I need to start at the beginning and work forward to become more proficient. Thank You very much,

Storytime times

This is my third time contacting the library about story time this year - always with the same complaint. I can't tell you how disappointing it was to receive the new brochure and see that once again there are no family story times earlier than 10:00, and that once again we would not be able to take advantage of the programming offered. I completely understand that funding is down and the library isn't able to have as many programs available, but couldn't there at least be one day a week with a 9 or 9:30 story time? Please take this into consideration for the next time any changes are made. Thank you.

chinese new year

I've just heard that there will be an event about Chinese New Years at your library. How can I find information about that, date & time etc.

Mother Daughter Book Discussion: All of a Kind Family

I was just looking up future events to do with my children, and noticed that the bulletin for the Mother/ Daughter book discussion "All of a Kind Family" is listed for girls in grades 5-12. I think that this might be an error as the book is rated for AGES 9-12, therefore most highschool girls would probably not enjoy this book discussion.

Advertising local event

We are holding a Mom to Mom sale at our school in Canton and was wondering if you have anywhere to place an advertisement or a bulletin board?