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Hello I have some questions to ask about the liberty fest. Did the fest tent till going to be there tomorrow and what time it will start and end.


Do you offer the computer classes in the summer? Such as the Excel, Word and Power Point classes?

Writing workshop

Hi, I was wondering if you are going to have any writing workshops (essay writing, reading comprehension help for middle school aged kids. Thanks Syeda Mallick

Giant Scrabble

I just saw the picture of your giant scrabble game. I am very impressed. I would like to setup something like this at my library. Can you send me any details about how you did it? Thanks, Pauline Lynch Shostack Electronic Resources Librarian Coulter Library SUNY Onondaga Syracuse, NY

Amazing Race

Dear Sir/Madam: This is my first year as a librarian, and I will be teaching an 8th grade introduction to the library class this May. I am interested in doing an Amazing Race style game with them and saw that you had done one in the past. I would appreciate any specifics you would be willing to share with me. Thank you! Jodi Schrick Central Lyon High School Rock Rapids, IA

Lecture on BELOVED

Were the professors' lectures videotaped? Might they be put on the web for viewing? Any info is appreciated.

Community Room Program/Event Suggestion

Tole Painting Class. I.e. Host a local tole-painter to demonstrate tole-painting. You can even use the book "Tole-Painted Garden Furniture" by Areta Bingham, which is in the Library, to promote the event. People, like me, who are interested in painting and are preparing for Spring, will appreciate this class/event. Thank you for listening.

e-reader class or computer classes

B It would be appreciated if these classes could be offered at times that are convenient for working adults. Evenings and weekends.

Connect Your Summer

Could you please tell me where you bought the badges? Were they specially designed for you? I am the director of a small public library in PA. Thanks!

computer classes

Will you be offering a computer class on Windows 7?

computer classes

I am interested in taking some of your computer classes. Im hearing impaired and want to know the size of these classes. How many people maximum, do u allow per class? Im concerned about not getting one on one attention. Please let me know because I would like to take the Nov 9th class so I will be looking forward to hearing back from you this week. Thank you so much!

Computor Classes

Morning, Do you offer your computer classes for non residents? Thank you Sandy

Computer classes

Does the library offer any computer classes for high school aged students?

Babysitting Class

Hello, My son took the babysitting class offered at the library last Saturday and this todayday. My understanding was that the participants would be certified in first aid, but my son said the teacher today said they would not be certifying the students. Can you please clarify? Thanks, Erin Skaff

Resume Changes for the Unemployed

-Would you consider adding to your programs several more time offerings for rewriting resumes? It can mean the difference in standing out or just blending in when there are so many applicants for each position. In my case I had a very specific curriculum for my major but many years in the field and life experience as well. I'd like to know how to situate these in a resume. Thank you for your consideration!

Digital Camera for Beginners

Why can't I find the above mentioned class in "Computer Skills" on the events catalog for October 8 @9:30 a.m.?

summer reading program

PLEASE - go back to a summer reading program that ACTUALLY involves READING! Earning virtual badges on the computer has NOTHING to do w/summer reading. My goal is to get the kids OFF the computer.

summer reading program

I am doing the summer reading program with my 7 grandchildren who live around the USA. I am not very computer savey but did register as a group. I am not sure how I report on how we did our reading or "projects". I did notice that there are a few other badges on the badge page that there are no listed experiences for; connect, lab rat, & volunteer, I did understand the registration one. Please help an old lady out! Thanks,

Zentangle class suggestion for Canton Library

Hello. I have recently completed my accreditation as a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), and I’m reaching out to the community for opportunities to share this art form through classes and workshops. If you haven’t been introduced to Zentangle yet, an article on the technique will be published in the August issue of Michigan Scrapbooker, a free paper arts magazine ( Zentangle is focused pattern drawing that creates a structured yet flowing artwork one line at a time. Concentrating on each individual stroke allows your mind to unwind and relax. You can see some of my Zentangle work on my website: - May 24 - May 9 - April 21 You can learn more about Zentangle at: Zentangle works as a stand-alone art method, and it offers numerous possibilities to create specific projects.

summer program

did i miss something..what exactly are the qualifications for these program we choose one under each, do them all, are we reporting only online? is nothing happening at the library itself?? how are gifts this really attached to computer accessability??? other programs were easy to recognize..i am not clear on this..i always felt a strong part of the programs before was the personal contact with library staffers and the excitement that people generate...don t get that with a machine. more input needed..thanx I d appreciate it ..tell me why I should involve my grand ducks in scattering all over town instead of enjoying our library bldg and all its wonderful books and people...i don t see the structure of it all...i could see do x, get first glance with previous programs, i see do x and y and z and and maybe abc to get...a badge, maybe...a gift or a prize or something, maybe...yes it does end, that s good , but i m lost on the rest..