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International Dance Show on Oct. 13, 2012 (Saturday)

Attended the International Dance show on Oct. 13, 2012 (Saturday). It was so nice to see dances performed by participants from different countries representing their cultures. It was very entertaining. All dance participants had beautiful colorful dresses and they were from all age groups. Samples of food items from different countries were so tasty, it was very nice. Credit goes to all dance participants, organizers and volunteers who made this event a big success. our family enjoyed this event very much. We now look forward to the next year's event. Thanks to all.

Faberge Eggs

Hi. I'm wondering if the library will be hosting the speaker from the DIA who is going to the various libraries talking about this exhibit, which opens Oct. 18. Thanks.

NHS homework help

I was wondering if you could tell me if the NHS will be providing homework help this year at the library?

baby programs

I really love the story reading programs for babies. My son loved these when he was a baby, now my twin girls love it. Actually they learned a few songs from this program. Absolutely wonderful!

Computer Training Programs

Hello I am interested in learning more about advanced windows applications such as adobe works studio, I am aware that this is a advance application and most computers does not come with this application, but I would love to learn more about using Adobe and any other creative programs the might be compatible with Windows.

Excel class

Good Afternoon, Can you provide me an outline of what is covered in the Basic Excel class that is offered at the Libary? thank you Rosanna Ceriotti

CPL Reading Program Prizes

If you don't attend the little CPL party in the parking lot, do you still get your prizes?

slides from 7/10 Facebook marketing class

I attending the 7/10 class taught by Mike McClure on Facebook marketing (which was great!). I was told the PowerPoint slides that he used would be available on the library site for download. How do I access them?

Connect Your Summer 2012

Please separate the program into sections for adults and children. Some aspects of the current program seem juvenile to adults. Thanks

commputer clsses

Do you have any beginner computer classes for seniors. What are the times and dates?

Book fair

whens your next bookfair?

Sidewalk Chalk

Spectacular VanGogh's Starry Night rendered in sidewalk chalk by (child artist? teen artist?) Mary Elizabeth Winter (my photo)

Museum Adventure Pass

I am trying to get to the "Museum Adventure Pass". What is the next step after getting on


i love it!

Summer Reading Program

hi CPL staff!!
i want to thank you all for putting on the summer reading program!!

Summer Reading Program

I would just like to say i am really enjoying this year's summer reading program!!! it is getting kids excited with the leaderboard!!!
Rockstargurly347 (:

lego events

how many lego events do you have a year?

curtains up

can we have a book for curtains up?

Excel classes

Hello i was wondering when will you have classes this Summer of Fall for Excel or Powerpoint?