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3-5 yr old story time

I dont see any upcoming 3-5 yr old story times on the calendar. .when will they be starting again? Thank you!

MLK Day cont.

Ma'am, I cannot do justice to the primary revolutionary movement in America's history for the 20th century via email. Perhaps some of the resources you have displayed in your ML King Display can begin to answer that question for you or others. I noticed that you're not closed for every national holiday nor are you only closed for national holidays, but I did notice that you are closed on Columbus Day. Perhaps whatever considerations that go into place for closing the library on that day can guide you in considering closing the library for MLK Day. I am black and MLK is certainly considered a hero for many Black Americans but his movement was also a significant turning point for racial equality in our nation and he was internationally recognized for his efforts and the Movement's efforts. It's a significant part of American history no matter what color you are and he believed in equality for all, not just blacks. It is hard for me to understand why anyone educated about American history would not want to celebrate his legacy or close their doors in recognition of it. Thank you for listening.


I am a patron of the library and Canton citizen. I am just wondering if you ever considered closing the library in honor of Martin Luther King Day? I see that some Detroit city libraries are not closed either. Is it believed that the library is a good resource to have available on MLK Day? The display of resources honoring the holiday is well done. Thank you for your consideration.

iPhone Presentation on Wednesday, July 30th

Is it necessary to have an iPhone for the presentation this evening? Will a screen be used to show the possibilities of the phone? Thank you for your time.

Yes, it is recommended that you bring your iPhone and yes, there will be a large screen presentation to show the possibilities of the phone. Thank you for asking and we hope to see you there tonight.

gluten free

When will the gluten free support group be meeting again? I thought it was Tuesday night (tomorrow), but it's not listed on your calendar. Thank you, I really wanted to go.


I know I saw a poster advertising Divali in November at the Canton Public Library. May I please ask the date and time that Divali will be celebrated at the Canton Public Library?

Cooking From Your Garden

At the Cooking From Your Garden class this evening - Thursday, July 25th - will the presenter just be speaking about cooking from a garden or really cooking? Thank you for your time.

Summer Reading Program

Hello, My name is Laura and I am a teacher at Hulsing Elementary School. I am currently working on a packet for my parents, on activities that they can do with their children over the summer. With that being said, I was wondering if you guys are having a Summer Reading Program this year? If you are can you please give me all of the details regarding the program so I can inform my students' parents. Thank you! Laura Tremonti

Reserving the community room

Hello, my name is Suraj Mahadeva and I attend the P-CEP highschools. This year my group, The Asian Pacific American Club, is having it's biannual culture show on march 22nd. We were wondering if there was any possibility of reserving the community room for our rehearsals. This is not the first time we have worked with the Canton Public Library, and we are happy to be able to come to the CPL again this year. The days/times I would need to library booked are based off of the current calendar of programs for march: March 2nd - Saturday 9:30am - 11:30am March 3rd - Sunday 12:30pm - 4pm March 9th - Saturday 9:30am - 12:30am March 10th - Sunday 12:30 pm - 4pm March 16th - Saturday 9:30am - 1:30pm March 17th - Sunday 12:30pm - 4pm I have given a 30 minutes gap with consideration to when the library opens, and when the other scheduled programs start. Of course, not every day may be available, and that is alright.

ABC Activity

Is there going to be additional dates for the ABC Activity time? Thanks! Debbie

kindle use class (computer class?)

When will the next Kindle use for ebooks be held at the library? I noticed one for January but not February.

Computer Class Suggestions

Nicole Welz: I subscribed to the library's e-newsletter so I can find out about upcomping computer classes. These are some classes I'm looking to take: PowerPoint, Facebook, and Publisher. I know the PowerPoint one is being offered on 2/16 but I'm unable to take that class due to a conflict so I was hoping it would be offered again in the future. Thanks, Terri Sajewski

Computer classes

Is there a way to be notified of upcoming computer classes at the library? I'd like to take a few more than what I already have taken, but it'd be nice to plan ahead for them since they aren't offered consistently (or are they?). Thanks!

So Long, Story-time

Over the past year and a half, my family has attended story-time each week it was offered. We dealt with some long breaks in-between sessions, but were always happy and eager to return on Tuesday evenings with our daughter. We were extremely disappointed to hear that Ms. Megan left her position with the library and that the story-times have now been cancelled for the time being. This was not a happy thing to share with our two-and-a-half year old who smiles eagerly to sing "hello" when we arrive to greet Ms. Megan and her other story-time friends. Why not have another librarian step-up and do story-time, instead of canceling all together? When will her position be filled and when will story-time return? This evening opportunity for families was very popular and I find it heart-breaking to no longer be able to share in the weekly experience with my family and our story-time friends.

Beverly Meyer The Music Lady

As residents of Canton, we truly appreciate all of the kid friendly events hosted by the CPL. Our family especially enjoys the music programs and we would love to see more music events introduced, especially during the winter months. We have had the wonderful privledge of participating in Beverly Meyer's music events throught the surrounding communities. We love her and feel that she has much appeal to children and adults of all ages. Please consider booking her for a library event! Our family enjoys her so much that we'd even be willing to pay a fee to attend, if CPL hosts a program with her! For reference, her website is located here: Thanks for your consideration! Kelly

Download to Kindle

Forgot to also mention for Jan 16 the meeting about How to download Library Books to my Kindle
I would need an Interpreter for this meeting. Will it be possible?

Thank You Julie Zeni



I moved to Canton from Florida last April. I just got my Library card and went online. I see that there will be a speaker about the Fabrege Eggs in Oct. Would it be possible to have an Interpreter for me?

Thank You Julie Zeni

Toddler Story Times

I am trying to find out what days and times your toddler story times are. I can't seem to find it on your website and I'd like to bring my 2.5 yr old granddaughter to story time. I brought her there a few times this past fall but do not know what your current times are for 2013. Would appreciate hearing back from you a.s.a.p. Thank you for your time. Sharon Minning

Registration probelms for Snack tales 1/26/13

I tried to register online for the Snack talse on 1/26/13 but I could not. In looking at the description for the event (below) it says "Registration Opens 12-26-13 00:00AM " I think that's a typo and should open registration on 12/26/12 rather than 12/26/13. Please let me know when you get this corrected so I can register my son for the event. Children - Snack Tales Description: Kids in grades K-4, join us for Snack Tales. We will read some great stories, and you will get to make a special yummy treat. Please indicate any food allergies when registering. Date: Saturday - January 26 2013 Time: 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM Location: Community Room Program Type: Children Series: Saturday, 01-26-2013, 2:00PM - 2:45PM Public Note: Attendance at Library events constitutes consent to be photographed for use in print and/or electronic publicity for the Canton Public Library. Registration Opens 12-26-13 00:00AM

computor classes

I was wondering if you had any free computor classes for Seniors to learn how they work and how to use them?