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Just want to say Thanks for the notification--good idea and I dropped off the 2 books this AM-thanks again!


CD Player

I've requested before that the library have a CD player available so people can sample the books on CD's without having to check them out. If people brought their own headphones, it should be no problem. Or maybe we could play a disk on a computer, using our own headphones. Thank you.

Army/Iraq and Test Proctoring

Hello, I am a U.S. soldier coming home on leave from Iraq. I have a final exam in a class that I am taking during that time(Early April). Do you proctor exams at all? If so, I will need to get some contact information so that I can have my school send the exam. If you can, please respond to my email. Thank you for your time.

Canton Center Road

I recently suggested a traffic light at Heritage Park and Canton Center. What I meant was a light at Canton Center and Civic Center Blvd.

Author Book Giveaway

Good morning! I work for author Susan Mallery. Susan loves libraries. She appreciates everything that librarians do to match the right books with the right readers. Yesterday, on her Facebook page (, she asked her fans to nominate their public library to receive a copy of one of her books. Congratulations! You’ve been nominated. She has about ten books to give away, and so far, she’s gotten just over 60 nominations. She’s going to choose the winning libraries at random later this week and will announce the winners on her Facebook page. In the meantime, she’d like to offer some bookmarks to all the libraries that were nominated. If you’d like to have some bookmarks for your patrons, please reply to this email with your mailing address. Also, please let me know if you’d like to be added to Susan’s email list to receive an email when she releases a new book.

Robert B Parker "Brimstone"

On line shows 3 copies available. I have make 2 trips to get this book and there is no copies available. Could you check this out and see if the computer took a vacation? FYI we are very pleased with the our library. THank you.

Inconsistency of email notifications

I have received many email notifications for due materials in the past. A few weeks ago I did not receive a notification. I was told it had something to do with a down server. I have received notifications since then. I, again, did not receive a notification for a book that is due tomorrow. Is there a reason that I didn't receive one this time? I always keep track of printed receipts and am aware of due dates, but the inconsistency of this system can be very frustrating.


Discs with new tags in CD player

It has happened three times that discs with new tags on them are sticking in the car radio. I have shut off the car let it get cold and then turn the car back on and it pops out.



Every single staff member that I have encountered goes out of their way. I love the Canton Library. Today Judy E. was helping me. As usual the same thing. Very nice as expected.

Canton Center Road

A traffic light is needed at Canton Ctr & Heritage Dr. Also, Canton Ctr needs resurfacing and a longer right turn lane from the north. Can't you appeal to the Township of Canton?

DVD Purchase

Suggest: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - DVD purchase


I've been very disappointed by the lack of storytime options lately. There used to be so many times available and now there are so few I can't take either of my kids anymore. They are 16 months and 4 yrs and go to bed at 7:00 PM. If nothing else I'd like to take my little guy but I have to pick up my eldest from preschool at 10:45. It would be nice if the "Walking To Not Yet Two" classes had more time slots or was just 30 minutes earlier. I really miss our library time!

Advertising opportunities on your site

Hello, I would like to avail the advertising opportunities on your website Can you please do contact me as soon as possible and give me more details. Eagerly waiting for your reply. Best Regards, Aden

Chairs Too Small

Why are the chairs in the chilrens area all too small to work the computers? There are 3 or 4 adult chairs (that the children use). To type you have to either sit on your feet, stand or type with your arms at a very uncomfortable angle. Why offer computers and then place them on table to high?

is the library closed due to snow

is the library closed today

Noise at the library

I work on the computer at our library almost daily. I find the noise level very bothersome. Children talking loudly. People receiving and talking on cell phones. Kids studying at tables near quiet zones, out loud! (There are rooms for that) I think more signs should be put up all over the entire library saying "SHHH! Your in a library!" & STAY OFF CELL PHONES! DIRECT CHILDREN TO STUDY AREAS OR SEND THEM TO THE CHILDRENS SECTION. OUR LIBRARY IS TOO LOUD. AND NOTHING SEEMS TO BE DONE ABOUT IT. SOME PEOPLE ARE INCONSIDERATE OR IGNORANT

Lucky Day books

Might want to consider changing "You're Lucky Day" books to being about to check the book out for 3 weeks, but no renewal on the book. This is how the Plymouth Library does their "Lucky Day" books.

Quiet, Please

With respect, could I please ask that you enforce policy with regards to cell phone use and excessive noise? (I know that you have a policy against cell phone use in the library. I assume that you have one about noise as well.) I am posting this from the library. I've just had to get up and move from my place to another part of the library because two individuals sitting at the table next to me entered, sat down, and proceeded to have a very noisy conversation that disturbed myself and some other people in the area. They talked, laughed, giggled, and made no effort to keep quiet despite the fact that their noise was disturbing everyone around them. Further, one of them took at least two cell phone calls while I was there. One of your employees sat at a desk on the other side of their table and did nothing to encourage them to respect the policies of the library or other patrons in the area.

Holy Quran being in the lower most shelf

Dear Incharge person, I am a regular user of canton public library and i enjoy this facility and resources here. I was very happy to see a seperate section of ISLAM in the library. I have one suggestion that the Holy Book Quran is placed in the lower most shelf in this section, which comes almost at the level of shoes of people walking by the self. Any holy book whether its Bible or Quran should be placed in one of the upper shelves. I will be obliged if you consider my humble request. 

Audio Books

I've been listening to audio books from the library for close to 3 years. Recently I've noticed that the last CD in the book has some sort of covering adheared to the CD. The extra thickness causes "load error" or "eject error" when loading or ejecting this CD. What is the purpose of the covering?