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Passes for State Parks

Hello, I remember last year you had a bunch of passes for free admission to either selected or all (can't remember) Michigan State Parks. Is that a program you have this year as well? Thanks, Janet

"quiet rooms"?

I currently live in Westland but was raised in Canton, not far from the library. I have not been to the Canton Library in many years. I was wondering if you have any rooms available for individual or two-person study. I have been to the Plymouth Library several times while my son was at Physical Therapy sessions and they have several indiviual rooms that are great for 1-2 people to work on a project and had a sliding door to keep noise down both inside and outside of the room. Do you have anything like that? I have a project I need to work on that I need to spread out but don't like the idea of being out in the open for everyone to peak over my shoulder or worse, for me to be distracted by what is going on in the "outside world". Thank you.

Cricut for Patron Use

The Library should have a Cricut for patron use.

All cartridges could be checked out, but the system would stay in the library.

A Gypsy could be used to store all of the cartridges centrally for use with the libraries system.


Park & Read

The copy of list for Park & Read was not available and time was needed to search for the information.

Book Donations

Question: Does the Canton Library accept book donations? If so, how can these be made.


I suggested a book 3 weeks ago, and for a week and 2 days it said it's been in the process of cataloging from the 'teen new books shelf', I was just wondering how long this takes because I would really like to read this book.

Thank You.



First of all, I love CPL (its my second home I guess)

1. Thanks a lot for the new chairs @ study cabin area. They're a great help when you're to study with a computer for many hours.

2. There are a few wonderful people here @ CPL who needs to be appreciated. And its their kindness & help that makes this library the best place in town.

-Mrs. Eileen: All the front desk people are real gems but she's an extremely nice; genuinely humble & sweet person; has helped me & many of my friends at many a times. I respect her a lot for her kindness & help.

-Mr. Bill (the security guy) is indeed a great soul. ALWAYS there to help. He & I both worry about the floor @ the library entrance thats been ripped off (a lil). The other day a girl got her shoe stuck in the gap and almost fell (could have hit her head against the hard floor) -- Please do somethin about that! Thanx.



If you plan on attending the ALA Annual Conference June 24-29, 2010 please be on the lookout for Lethal Friendship, at the Solutions, Inc. #3033. The events took place in Michigan. It is a book endorsed by Casey Gwinn, Founder of the Family Justice Center. Mr. Gwinn writes, "Lethal Friendship is one of the 10 books I keep on my desk to regularly remind me about the lethal nature of family violence”. The Family Justice Center serves as the official provider for the United States Department of Justice, office on Violence Against Women. Cordially, Marie Currie

clash of the titans dvd description

is the description of the new "clash of the titans" (2010) dvd cataloged correct. or is it the description of the 2002 clash of the titans dvd. just wondering if you were buying the same dvd again?

Book Renewal

I currently have a book checked out which is due June 1, '10. I was able to renew the book online as I have not finished reading it. I would like to know upto HOW MANY TIMES can I renew a book? Thank you for your assistance.



Quiet Zone

Despite putting up signs near the fireplace, folks do talk on the mobile phone as well as talk loudly. Could you please enforce silence in these zones?

Thanks for your attention.

Best Regards,


Unclaimed Property blog post

Thank you for posting Michigan's Unclaimed Property Division on your Web. My family benefitted by it in the amount of $1800! I had never heard of this before and the money will really come in handy!

Copy Center

The Copy Center Area is great for customers. The staff are helpful and wonderful. It makes life easier and the Canton Library special (envy of others). Please do not get rid of it. Keep the same, as it is now.

obtaining a blood pressure cuff machine for library

This may seem like an odd request: would it be possible to obtain a blood pressure cuff machine for the library? Perhaps a local business would sponsor the machine. I really have no idea what the cost would be but the convenience of having a machine at the library would be wonderful. Many people would benefit from having a quiet, relaxed atmosphere to obtain their blood pressure reading. Perhaps the machine could be placed in a quiet corner of the library.

Other comment

Just want to say Thanks for the notification--good idea and I dropped off the 2 books this AM-thanks again!


CD Player

I've requested before that the library have a CD player available so people can sample the books on CD's without having to check them out. If people brought their own headphones, it should be no problem. Or maybe we could play a disk on a computer, using our own headphones. Thank you.

Army/Iraq and Test Proctoring

Hello, I am a U.S. soldier coming home on leave from Iraq. I have a final exam in a class that I am taking during that time(Early April). Do you proctor exams at all? If so, I will need to get some contact information so that I can have my school send the exam. If you can, please respond to my email. Thank you for your time.

Canton Center Road

I recently suggested a traffic light at Heritage Park and Canton Center. What I meant was a light at Canton Center and Civic Center Blvd.

Author Book Giveaway

Good morning! I work for author Susan Mallery. Susan loves libraries. She appreciates everything that librarians do to match the right books with the right readers. Yesterday, on her Facebook page (, she asked her fans to nominate their public library to receive a copy of one of her books. Congratulations! You’ve been nominated. She has about ten books to give away, and so far, she’s gotten just over 60 nominations. She’s going to choose the winning libraries at random later this week and will announce the winners on her Facebook page. In the meantime, she’d like to offer some bookmarks to all the libraries that were nominated. If you’d like to have some bookmarks for your patrons, please reply to this email with your mailing address. Also, please let me know if you’d like to be added to Susan’s email list to receive an email when she releases a new book.

Robert B Parker "Brimstone"

On line shows 3 copies available. I have make 2 trips to get this book and there is no copies available. Could you check this out and see if the computer took a vacation? FYI we are very pleased with the our library. THank you.