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Metro Detroit magazine

The October issue of Metro Detroit magazine has a Lover's Lane ad on the back, and is displayed so the images are clearly visible, and are not appropriate for all ages. Please find another way to display.


Please tell me how to sign up to receive my newsletter via email. I can't find that option on the website. Thanks.


I would very much appreciate it, if the budget cuts exclude tissues. It is the flu/cold season, & tissues would be of most usefulness.

Senior Citizens Programs-Events

I have parents in their 80's, and I would like to know if the library has any programs/events for senior citizens. Also, would they be able to attend since they are in the Farmington Library district (Canton library has no stairs and this would allow them ease of use of a library) Thank you for your assistance.


Always pleased with the library. Thrilled to find 95% of what I am looking for. Staff members are very helpful, and I am always impressed when I come in. Please keep up the good work, and I will remain a loyal patron.

self-checkout using driver licence

Provide ability to check out books by using driver licence on self-checkout.

hand dryers

The hand dryer in the women's bathroom is obnoxious sounding & too loud...deafening actually. Please fix, replace, or remove & add paper towels. Thank you!

Hold Didn't Work??

i put a hold on divergent by veronica roth, actually i was the one who suggested the library buy it. we got an email that said it was ready for pickup, so we went to the library but it wasn't there! i just want 2 inform u that now i probably have to wait another 2 months or so 2 get it, and i really wanted it :(. but that really isnt the problem, i just wanted 2 let u know there might b a problem with ur requesting form on the website. thanks for ur time! :)

computer lab

Is there any way to have the keyboards and computer desk areas cleaned weekly or biweekly? I find that the keyboards and surrounding desk top to be filthy in the adult computer lab. I utilize the computer lab daily and am pleased that CPL offers a quiet and restricted area for patrons, however it would be even more appreciated to not find keyboards with hair, food crumbs, torn pieces of paper and eraser shavings all over them. Thank you for your assistance and concern.

Improvement Suggestions

1. Add cushions to the computer chairs. I apply for jobs daily and sit for hours. The wood chairs are very hard and uncomfortable. 2. Add lockers w/combinations, like the fitness area at the Summit. When I am here hours applying for jobs online, I must gather all my belongings and take them to the restroom or outside when answering/making a phone call, as phone call reception is poor to non-existent in the building. 3. Consider adding restrooms inside the main building. Again, when using the computers, it is cumbersome to gather belongings, check out materials and then use the restroom; only to bring all back into the building when done using the restroom.

New hold label stickers

Love the new hold item label stickies! GENIUS!

Destination College Savings

Is the library taking part in the "Destination College Savings"? Please see the link below for information on this along with some of the details below: This program encourages children to read this summer, while also giving parents a chance to win $1,500 toward their child’s future college education and $1,000 for their local library! Enroll your child in the Summer Reading Program at your local library. 1.Ask library staff for information on the Destination College Savings sweepstakes. 2.Fill out the official sweepstakes entry card and return the postage-paid card to your librarian or drop it in the mail. 3.Pick up MESP and MET brochures to learn more about saving for your child’s future college education. Regards, Mike

Borrowing History

Is there somewhere you can view what you've borrowed before? Like a history of what you've borrowed from the library.


do you have any dark secrets books in your library?

Emailed News letter?

I wanted to thank everyone for providing such a wonderful library. I enjoy the selections and the ease of use of the website. One thing I was thinking about, I know the regular mailings we get on Library events cost money and that is why they have scaled back. If it is a cost thing, I really don't need that info in the mail and would love to just have it emailed to me and I'm sure there are many others like me. I'm sure there are still some people in the area that need the info on paper but would it be cost effective to give residence the option of "opting out" of mailed updates in favor of emailed ones?

What does in transit +1 hold mean?

So i got a book on hold and it says 1 out of 1 hold on first copy, the first copy of the book say in transit + 1 hold. What does this mean?


Typo in listing for 'Dear John'

Actress is listed as 'Amanda Seyfriend'... should be Seyfried. See

Library funding

How can the Governor expect the residents of Michigan to expand their knowledge of the world if the funding is not there for libraries. I love my Canton Library. My mom moved up north, near Gaylord. Her library isn't even the size of the front area of the kids section. We are very lucky in Canton! I use MelCat all the time for books not available in Canton and would be very upset if the funding goes away.

The Canton library and librarians are the best!


Vulgar magazine covers in plain sight of children

To whom it may concern, I was very offended today to see an extremely underdressed woman with a lot of cleavage on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on my way past the magazine spinners heading to Secondhand Prose. I feel that the library should be a family friendly place and such vulgar material should be covered or located in a restricted area. I was very grateful that I did not have any children with me to see it as well. Personally, I don't think there is any reason that the library should waste money on such material at all, but if you do feel it necessary to spend our tax money on that garbage, please don't display for all to see. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Sincerly, Marie Quaranto


It is appalling to hear that the library allows pornographic materials to be viewed in your computers. As taxpayers, we object to our money being used to corrupt the minds of our children. We block pornographic websites at our homes. A public facility, especially a public library, should do the same.