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Broken site

The Patron information button (when using a phone), has been broken for the last month. I can login with my tablet, but it first asks to verify the site before loading. Nothing comes up if using a phone.  Very frustrating since I've never accessed this site with a tablet or computer before and had to figure this out on my own.



I have been a resident of Canton for over 5 years and continuing my college education by distance learning through Weber State University. Tests are given periodically that need to be proctored. I was wondering if the Canton Library has the resources to proctor online testing from a University. It's to my understanding that a contact at the testing facility will been to be established and authorized, a date scheduled for the test and the University will send the necessary links to set up and proctor the test. I have had proctoring done at WCCC in Taylor, but would like to have this done closer to home and possibly have more flexible hours. Thanks for you time.

Please keep the study rooms quiet....People are talking on their phones here - LOUDLY

Please keep the study rooms quiet....People are talking on their phones here - LOUDLY

Title Mistake

I recently checked out and returned Brandon Sanderson's The Alloy of Law. I did notice, however, that it showed up scanned as another of his titles, Mistborn: The Final Empire. It may explain why, when I search for The Alloy of Law, it doesn't show up in the system. Thought you should know. Thanks for all the hard work you do.

Librarian Positions

Will the library be hiring any additional librarians? Thank you

Study Rooms

Hello. I am a frequent patron of the Canton Public Library and thoroughly enjoy using its facilities! However, I would like to make one suggestion pertaining to the individual study rooms in the back of the library. I have used a study room many times and more times than not the person in the room next to me is engaged in a conversation on the phone. I am aware that the rooms are located in a "social zone" and some noise is to be expected but there have been times where the noise level from the phone conversations borders unbearable. I believe adding a bullet point to the "study room guidelines" regarding the rooms not being soundproof would greatly help with the noise/phone conversation issue. If anything, the suggested bullet point would make people more cognizant of their voice level and that their conversation can be heard by others in adjacent rooms. Thank you for your attention to this matter and I look forward to continuing to patronize the Canton Public Library. 


It seems it has been a couple of years since the "new" book return was installed in the wall of the building. At that time, I thought the drop was a very smart, pratical and an efficient update. But, I thought it could be improved with a shelf for convience when trying to feed the slot one item at a time. So, I made my suggestion on this website and inside during my checkout. Tonight, as I dropped numerous items into the slot one at a time, the shelf came in very handy. I never said thank you. Tonight I am. Thank you, ml


Good Morning, I was just reading the Canton Connection where book clubs are highlighted. The date for one of the book club meetings is given as Sept. 17. I'm sure it's supposed to be March 17 or thereabouts, but thought I'd bring it to your attention.

Federal tax books

You have the Michigan 1040 individual income tax booklet. Do you also have the federal 1040 booklet?

Requesting a book.

Hi, I was at the library a few days ago trying to request a book. When I tried it said that it was denied and listed a few reasons as to why. I went up to the counter and asked the librarian if anything was wrong with my card. She said no, and to just try again. I went to go try again and it didn't work. I then decided to look for another book, and request it. When I requested it, it worked. Why did it work for one book, but not the other? How can I get the book on my request list if it won't work?

lost coat

Hello, My son attended the Canton LIbrary Chess Quads on Jan. 27 with a friend of his and his friend's mother. I am not sure if he may have lost his Land's End red coat there or not as I can't remember the last time he had it. Do you have in your Lost and Found a Land's End red coat? It would be a Child's size 7-8, I believe. I live in Chelsea, so it's a bit far for me to drive out just to check for the coat, otherwise I would do it. I will certainly come get it if you do have it. Thank you


Noticed recently that the bench at the front door has been replaced by 2 chairs and a table. These chairs are very, very low and not suitable for handicap people to sit on. Seating in these open places should accomodate ALL people. Would like to see it returned to original bench. This seating is very necessary near the front door. Thanks

Part Time

Hello, I was wondering if you location is hiring, I am a college student taking two classes and would like to work to fill up my free time. I live close by on the Ypsilanti/Canton border. Best, Herald


I belong to the Ypsilanti township library, since I live in Superior township but I generally use the Canton library because of its proximity to my house. I don't have a problem with the rule that I cannot put something on the "hold" list since I am not a Canton library member. Usually I just wait out the time till the item eventually becomes available. The sole exception seems to be The Big Bang Theory. As of today, there are 7 holds on Season One disc One. It is, like, impossible to ever get this disc. There is ALWAYS at least one "hold" on it, not to mention most of the other discs as well. I guess I am just voicing my frustration at being able to get this and other Big Bang Theory discs. I don't expect a change of policy but wish there was some way this popular series would be available in a more timely fashion for those of us waiting for the line to end. Thanks.

fee for books on hold

I understand the library will begin charging $.25 for every book on hold that is not picked up by the 4th day starting in 2013. The policy makes sense to avoid staff hours shelving books that never get picked up, but I would like to make a further suggestion. If you are going to place this fee, then patrons should be given ample time to pick up the items. The 4 days should be extended to 1 week. Many times I have placed books and other items on hold only to get to the library and find they have already been placed back on the shelf or sent on to the next person in line for the hold. Many library patrons, like me, work full time and are unable to get to the library within the present time frame, especially since the notification goes out via email on day #1. The library closes early on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... This is probably the reason most people do not pick up the items that they request. Thank you for your consideration...

Possible endowment fund goal proposal

Hello, my name is Sneh Patel. I am a origami artist. I draw paper notecards that have energy on them. Two years back in 2010 I used your facility both to draw and collide to create a project on the table outside. Since then I have created projects as extensions or separate from that particular time. I have been recently been giving my work to the municipal building across the street in hopes it will be put to good use. Because of my recent and past health problems I can no longer pursue to attempt to apply these projects only create them. Hence why I've been " dropping them in the absentee ballot slot." I received a letter in the mail regarding your recent financial troubles. Since my work is probably worth alot of money initially and after its been put to use I was wondering if the library would be interested in trying to make use out of it. If the local government cannot fund the library maybe the library could fund itself.


We live in romulus but can we use our library card at you library?

Michigan Quilt

I found this picture of a "Michgian" quilt on this website: Is this a quilt you have haning in your library? I have been searching for a wall hanging with a Michigan theme and this one certainly has that! Would you be able to put me into contact with the person who made this quilt or tell me where I may buy a patter? Thanks, Paula

Thingamagoop 2

Hello! The Ann Arbor District Library has "Music Tools": I tried checking out the Thingamagoop 2. The site stated their were 5 available. When I tried requesting music tools through MEL ("Get This For Me"), it states "Sorry, no copies available for requests." This happens for all of the Music Tools. Is there a way for me to check them out?

Posting my business flyer

Hi Smile
I asked a young man at the Market Ave. library about posting my ERRAND SERVICE flyer. He said it must be a non profit organization to hang it, but said he'd ask a manager anyway. The manager wasn't in at the time, so he kept the flyer to ask about at a later time.

I just read on your website, that you DO post other forms in a different location, and just wanted to know if my flyer did, in fact get posted. If not, I can come again this is a BRIGHT YELLOW flyer with the heading,,"CAROL CAN!" ERRAND SERVICE.

Thank you so much,
Carol Smile