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Using your library card at the Plymouth District Library

I am wondering if I could use my Canton Library card at the Plymouth District library, because they have a book that is not available at the Canton library.


Are there any plans for a drive-up return box for books and other materials?


staff helpfulness

Hello, I just returned from the library where I was helped at the resource desk by Kelly (but spelled in the Gaelic language). She was so patient in her assistance to help me download books to my Kindle. As a regular visitor to the library I am frequently amazed at the kindness and helpfulness of the staff, but sadly fail to recognize their actions to the Director or Supervisor. People seem so eager to complain but sadly not to compliment - I wish to compliment the staff at CPL and also to recognize Kelly for her patience and sunny personality.

query for opening account

hello sir/madam, I want to opening account so i want all detail. what is the monthly rate? thank you, nibha patel


I am preparing to take an exam and i need to study inside the library. do i need to subscribe in propose to have the right to study inside the library. is there a fee for that? a card member? or is that free ? thank you by advance for the answer

Natural Gas Savings Project for Library Fireplace

Presently the library has a vented natural gas fireplace that is in-efficient and slightly noisy (due to the blower). I would like to see the library replace it with a vent-free one that uses less gas but captures 100% of the heat from the gas. These are quite affordable and approved for use indoors (and it won't need a blower). There are also DTE incentives to help offset the cost ($4 per million BTU saved & 8 cents per kilowatt saved annually). The existing fireplace is nice but the vent-free one would be an enhancement. I think the present one is maybe a 35,000 or 40,000 BTU unit but a replacement would only need to be a 20,000 BTU unit. I estimate a savings of about 300 therms or 30 million BTU / year or about $200 annually in natural gas plus about $120 in one-time DTE natural gas incentives (TBD for electric savings). These fireplaces can be had for as little as $100-200. Please consider this and contact me if desired (I installed one in my house and love it - I don't sell them). Thank you.

Scholarly Journals

Good morning, I am wondering if you have scholarly journals such as MIT Sloan Review at the library. I am looking for actual hard copies, not something I can look up online for a graduate course. Thank you

Greenfield village

Hi I know with my library card you offer lots of free admissions to things. Is Greenfield Village offered? thank you we were hoping to go today. 

Giant Scrabble Board

Good afternoon! This will be a bit out-of-the-blue, but I am making a giant scrabble board for an event on my campus (I work at the school newspaper at a university in Vancouver, BC), and turned to google for some ideas on how to get started. One of the images came from your website, and I thought I'd ask for some general information on how it was made! Many of the other ones I saw online we made with wood, and ingenious carpentry skills - two things which I do not have! Yours looks almost exactly like what I'm hoping to make. Any information or tips you can send along would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time, Freya Promotions Coordinator

Internet lab closure on weekend (Saturday, June 29th)

The public does not get to pick and choose which days they can and cannot visit the library and use its services.

Closing the internet lab (for computer updates) on a Saturday might have been a mistake. The public tends to have more free time on the weekend (obviously).

The web express computers do not perform the same job/s as those in the lab.

For example; the express computers have no access to some Google products. Not that I intended to use some of those products this day.

I point out that my time at the CPL is limited as I also care for an invalid at home. My time today may have been wasted.

We are too poor to afford a babysitting service. (Starfish does not assist adult invalids based on my experince, by the way.)

As we live in grinding poverty the annual millage of about $200 (plus the gas spent on a wasted trip) is also unappreciated.

I do not want a response from any of the staff. I am more than disappointed.



it would have been nice if it was a sign up on the door that you guys were closed. As 17 of us were waiting for the library to open including a group of kids dropped off by their parents. after I loaded my aunts in the car had to drive back up to the front of a group that was now waiting that you all were closed.

Great Service

Hello, My son and I were in the library on Monday looking for some books on Switzerland for his class project. Alice Rice pointed us in the right direction, then helped check us out and renew my son's library card. Later that evening, she called our house (based on information from the library card) and said she came across another book on Switzerland and would glady drop it off at our door. Full disclosure, we do live on the same street and are friends of the Rices, but I think Alice would do this for anyone. Great service from a great library. Kevin Barkume

Broken site

The Patron information button (when using a phone), has been broken for the last month. I can login with my tablet, but it first asks to verify the site before loading. Nothing comes up if using a phone.  Very frustrating since I've never accessed this site with a tablet or computer before and had to figure this out on my own.



I have been a resident of Canton for over 5 years and continuing my college education by distance learning through Weber State University. Tests are given periodically that need to be proctored. I was wondering if the Canton Library has the resources to proctor online testing from a University. It's to my understanding that a contact at the testing facility will been to be established and authorized, a date scheduled for the test and the University will send the necessary links to set up and proctor the test. I have had proctoring done at WCCC in Taylor, but would like to have this done closer to home and possibly have more flexible hours. Thanks for you time.

Please keep the study rooms quiet....People are talking on their phones here - LOUDLY

Please keep the study rooms quiet....People are talking on their phones here - LOUDLY

Title Mistake

I recently checked out and returned Brandon Sanderson's The Alloy of Law. I did notice, however, that it showed up scanned as another of his titles, Mistborn: The Final Empire. It may explain why, when I search for The Alloy of Law, it doesn't show up in the system. Thought you should know. Thanks for all the hard work you do.

Librarian Positions

Will the library be hiring any additional librarians? Thank you

Study Rooms

Hello. I am a frequent patron of the Canton Public Library and thoroughly enjoy using its facilities! However, I would like to make one suggestion pertaining to the individual study rooms in the back of the library. I have used a study room many times and more times than not the person in the room next to me is engaged in a conversation on the phone. I am aware that the rooms are located in a "social zone" and some noise is to be expected but there have been times where the noise level from the phone conversations borders unbearable. I believe adding a bullet point to the "study room guidelines" regarding the rooms not being soundproof would greatly help with the noise/phone conversation issue. If anything, the suggested bullet point would make people more cognizant of their voice level and that their conversation can be heard by others in adjacent rooms. Thank you for your attention to this matter and I look forward to continuing to patronize the Canton Public Library. 


It seems it has been a couple of years since the "new" book return was installed in the wall of the building. At that time, I thought the drop was a very smart, pratical and an efficient update. But, I thought it could be improved with a shelf for convience when trying to feed the slot one item at a time. So, I made my suggestion on this website and inside during my checkout. Tonight, as I dropped numerous items into the slot one at a time, the shelf came in very handy. I never said thank you. Tonight I am. Thank you, ml


Good Morning, I was just reading the Canton Connection where book clubs are highlighted. The date for one of the book club meetings is given as Sept. 17. I'm sure it's supposed to be March 17 or thereabouts, but thought I'd bring it to your attention.