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I'm interested in volunteering.

Sad to hear the cafe is staying closed!

I just read that the cafe will be closed and replaced with three vending machines. I did enjoy stopping and getting a cup of hot coffee for myself and/or cocoa for my children. I know that you will have to make a decision for vending machines based on what applies and other factors, but I hope one of them is for hot drinks!!!! If not, I humbly suggest that maybe you guys have a Keurig machine, one of the kinds where it makes one cup at at time, maybe put it in the secondhand prose bookstore, so it can be watched? and sell coffee and tea and hot cocoa for $1 - $2? You could even have flavors and toppings available if you wanted to get fancy like Jungle Java! Just a thought. Some signs out front saying that it is available for sale to patrons might help too, since the store is in the back and not easily spotted. Thanks for taking the time to read this! We love the library! (And I would rather give my $2 to you guys than $4 to a coffee shop!)

2014 Tax Forms


Will someone please contact when the 2014 Tax forms arrive?


Closing of Cafe -- My Thoughts

To Whom It May Concern: I would like to express my opinion on the closing of the Jungle Java Cafe. As a resident of Canton for over 15 years, I have found the Canton Library experience to be one of the best -- period. As well, I found the Cafe to be a refreshing part of the Canton Library experience. Whether I was purchasing hot food, snack bars, or smoothies, the Cafe always delivered a nutritional pick-me-up, complete with courteous service. Moreover, the Cafe was a perfect space for brief, casual meetings and polite conversation. I enjoyed the watching the television broadcast highlights of the day overhead. It provided a perfect backdrop to the educational environment the library provides. In short, the presence of the Cafe distinguished the Canton Library from many others I have visited -- in-state and out-of-state. I've heard that the space is being redesigned, and will include vending machines and other items for purchase. Is that true? Hopefully, the plan is to include a new and improved Cafe in the design. I welcome that decision. One reason I enjoy being a resident of the Canton Community is that we don't simply do things "like everyone else". Let's keep our community in the educational forefront. Keep a cafe as part of the Canton Library experience. It would be greatly appreciated by all of your patrons. I look forward to your response. 

Self-service checkout stations

Would you please consider putting one, possibly two self-checkout stations into a more open area? I understand why the current layout consolidates all these stations in one place. In my case, I find I can’t maneuver my wheelchair into a position to use any of them. One possible area could be between the checkout desk and large print book section. Thanks for your consideration.

Cell Phones in the Library

It seems to me that it is unfair that people, especially at the computers, take calls over and over. I wish there was some enforcement to ask people to take their calls outside, especially when their calls aren't pertaining to anything they are doing on a computer. Someone I don't know catching up with a friend is not what I want to overhear when I'm trying to do what I need to do on a computer!

Library Services

Hi, I have a question, I'm currently a resident of Westland Mi. Would I be able to check out books from your library? Saadia

Disappointed at recent board appointment

Dear Board Members and Eva, It is with great concern that I write to you regarding your recent choice of board appointee. While I am sure that Mr. Davis is a very smart and capable person, your library board does not reflect the community it serves. Look around your library during the day and evening. There are many Asian Indian, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh students that support the library. Yet, I do not see any board members that represent that community. I know of two very qualified candidates that did apply, but were not even interviewed. I am very disappointed in your lack of attention to a portion of the community you serve. Please consider this with your next appointment. Anne Marie Graham-Hudak


Can I get something faxed at the library? How much does it cost per sheet?

First holder

I suggested the library order the police academy animated series on DVD. I have been waiting awhile and I see you are going/have order it but now I found out that there are 3 discs to the series. As the one who suggested ordering the dvd I did not know there was more then one disc to the series. I feel that I should be able the right to get all three discs when they come available.

hold request on newly acquired material

Is there some way to address this problem: When new materials for a TV series are suggested, the person who makes the suggestion is placed number one in the queue. It often happens that others also make a request for the series before the material is actually acquired by the library. TV series usually come in more than one disc for a season. Once the material arrives, the number one person in the queue is first but only for the first disc. After that, every other disc in the season has to be requested individually. Curiously, when the first person is notified that the first disc is available, the other discs already have a queue. Is there a way for each person in the original queue to maintain their place for the sequential discs once the library acquires the series? I guess it would work something like a freeze where the each person in the original queue can maintain their precedence for all discs in the season. For example: I believe I was the first to suggest acquiring Waking the Dead, season nine. I was 1 of 3 until the material arrived. The season is broken into 3 discs. I received notice for disc 1, but it appears discs 2 and 3 are on the hold shelf for others. In this case I am next in line for both those discs but in other cases, with more people awaiting arrival of a series, I could be due for a much longer wait for the additional discs. I hope I have explained the situation well enough.


Hi, I had a question. If I want to turn in the job application, is there a place to submit online or would I give it personally at the library?

Library computer programs

Hi, I was wondering if there were any computers at the library that had microsoft publisher on them? Also, is there a color printer that I can pay to use?


The remodel of the library looks wonderful. It does need one more thing, signs. It would be fantastic if you could hang identifying signs from the ceiling to let me know where I have to go. Remember we are a very transient community and signs would help all new people! Thanks


New lobby looks great! What happened to all the "OPAC" search computers? Hard to tell which circular area desk is for reference. Maybe put sign over like "Return Materials Here."


Hi, I am a medical student but have the opportunity to stream many of my lectures over the internet and use the Canton Public Library frequently for this purpose (thanks!). However, sitting for hours every day is hard to do and it would be nice to be able to move around. With the library's recent focus on battling Type II Diabetes, I was wondering if it would be possible to incorporate standing level tables throughout the library for people like me who choose to stand rather than sit. Thanks!

Suggestion for impovement

Many times I have checked out a book only to find after getting it home that I am unable to sit down and enjoy reading it because it smells so strongly of perfume or tobacco smoke that I soon develop a headache, stuffy nose, or watery eyes. I would suggest that in addition to your relatively new policy to charge .25 for requested books that are not picked up on time, you also institute a fine for books returned smelling of perfume and or smoke.

New Chairs by Fireplace

I don't like the new chairs by the fireplace. Older people need arms to hold onto when standing up and the new chairs don't have them. Thank you.

Using your library card at the Plymouth Library

Is there any fee when registering your canton library card with the Plymouth library?