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Library Card Has Expired

I can email my verification of employment in Canton if needed to renew my library card.

change in email address

Hi, I am not sure how to change the email associated w/my library card. Would like to do so. New email address  will be discontinued as of 3/23. Thank you.

New Library card.

I lost my library card and got a new one. Now I can not get into my old
account or the new account that I am trying to install. I am trying to
delete the old one and new one to start over and can not find a place to
delete both accounts. Could you please help me.
Thank You.

Requested item due back in June 2010

Good Morning, I requested the DVD Nip Tuck Season 5, part 2 disc 2. It is currently on my hold request. When I clicked on the item for more details I learned the item was due back on 6/24/10. The item is marked billed. I assume that to mean the patron has been billed for their way overdue item. Given the current status of the item are there plans to repurchase the missing disc? Thank you in advance. Kind Regards, Shannon

A new account

What are the advatages of having an account over a patrons account. what are the differences?


Is there not any way I can review on line what I have borrowed in the past? I've listened to quite a few and am starting to have a hard time picking what I have not already listened to by certain authors. Kindly respond. Thank you

Getting kicked back to Login page on My Account

I have recently logged on to check due dates and renew books for myself and two other family members (3 different barcode numbers)and am repeatedly kicked back to the Login page. This happens every time I click any option on the account page..."Renew Selected", "Renew All", "Sort by Due Date", and "My Lists", especially. Is there a known problem with the system or do I need to check a setting on my browser software?

Two accounts

I mistakelny have 2 accounts (2 user names). How do I delete one?

log in

I have my card and forgotten my Password and email address that i was used for login.


My husband is red/green colour-blind. With the current check out system, he can't tell when an item has been checked out (yellow --> green). This is a significant barrier for visual users. I'm surprised that "colour blindness" was not addressed when looking at usability. 40-45% of male pop has this colour-blindness issue. You could fix with changing from yellow to blue. Thanks.

Sort by due date does not work

Hello, The sort by due date feature on your website has not been working for a few days now . I've been trying since Wed but get an error on the page. I normally renew books based on the due date sorter and I'd incorrectly assumed that some videos that were due on 12/16/09 were renewed,but realized a day later that the due date feature was not working since the videos were listed at the bottom of the page. Can you please reverse these late fees on those videos?