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Friends of the Library/Bookstore

book sale

was just wondering if and when the canton library does a book sale? thanks Jamie

volunteering position

Hi, My 16 year old daughter is very interested in volunteering at the Library. Can you tell me if there are any open positions for her this summer? Thanks. Denise


I read the article in the Observer about the Bookstore and I would like to volunteer for the 2-hour block of time to "man" the bookstore. I would prefer an early afternoon time slot if possible (my 2nd choice would be late afternoon). I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Karen

Monday night donation

Hi Bookstore, On the 13th, around 8pm, I dropped off 4 bags (Holiday Market paper bag) of books in the back for the bookstore. I guess one of these books my son was not ready to part with - a large white cover hard bound book called "My First Dictionary". Do you know if this would still be on the premises? Could I buy it back?

Book donations

I would like to donate paperback and hard-cover books to the library. They are in excellent condition, mainly read by only one person. Does the library accept these donations, and if so, when and where can I bring them? Thank you.