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please allow video game searching to be by console type, ps4, xbox one, pc, etc


My cousin's library has access to Zinio which enables you to borrow copies of magazines. Was wondering if this could be something our library would do?

Please include Harvard Business Review in Zinio

First of all, thank you for offering electronic magazine subscriptions at the CPL. I like what you offer but it will be even better if you can include the excellent Harvard Business Review as part of your collection. Thank you!

zinio digital magazine subscription

Does the librarary participate with any digital magazine services like zinio? do you have to be a canton resident to use it?


How do I get Zinio on my Kindle Fire? I don't see the libraryanywhere app or a zinio app? Please assist. Thank you.

Attention: Ophelia

Thank you so much for your help on Friday, May 23! I asked you for help with getting Overdrive Media Console to work. I uninstalled the program and then reinstalled it. It still did not work, so I went to the page that talked about resetting the DRM. I clicked on the link to download a sample file to play on Windows Media Player and my computer automatically detected that I needed to upgrade the security. After that, the computer automatically downloaded the upgrade and now Overdrive works!
Thanks again for all your help.

Broken link

Good morning! The link to the online magazines, /database/db.html?db=Zinio, seems to be broken. Just thought you'd like to know. Best, Ione Skaggs


I borrowed an Ebook, do I need to "return" it or does it automatically return?

Try Zinio, our New Online Magazine Service

I followed what it said in Connections and Library website, but after registering, your supplier (Zinio) is just trying to sell their magazines $3.99 per issue. I am getting no access to borrow and read the e-Magazine. Is this a scam? Else, can you post step by step instructions to borrow these magazines and read for free on the library website? Below are excerpts from the library website & Connections, which do not appear to be accurate. ----------------- The Canton Public Library will soon provide unlimited, simultaneous, digital access to almost 200 of your favorite magazines through a new database called Zinio for Libraries. After setting up a free account, CPL card holders will be able to read current issues cover-to-cover of any these selected titles, as well as be informed via email of future issues. Patrons can read online at any time via a web browser, either inside the library, or remotely on your PC, Mac, iPad, Kindle Fire, iPhone, or Android device. Offline access is also available after downloading an app. The issues are then permanently stored in your "viewer collection." No checkout periods or late fees ----- Starting in April, you'll be able to read over 130 magazines online with around-the-clock access. Zino, a new magazine service, allows 24/7 access to popular titles both in the library and remotely on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or Android device. Just set up a free account, select your magazine and start reading. This service will become available in mid-April; for more information see our website.

Digital Magazines

I have a Canton Public Library card but am a Plymouth resident. Will I be able to access the new digital magazines feature that will come out soon? I have some limitations being a Plymouth resident and am wondering if this will be one of them. Thank you, Karen


Hi, I am so excited for zinio. When will it be available? Thank you


Yes, I am trying to use ebooks throughout Canton library. I am a Plymouth resident, but I have borrowed books from the Canton library. How do I access the ebooks, do I use the same library number. If so, when it asks to enter my name, it says it is not valid. Can you help. Thank you, Michelle Schwartz

Suggested eBooks: Safari Online

Hi Canton Library, I am a Canton resident and am writing to enquire if the library has looked at Safari e-books as a resource for providing technical and business books. I would love to see some of their computer programming titles being offered. They have a lot of books that are really expensive to buy and really hard to find. The title that I'm most interested in right now is "MacRuby: The Definitive Guide. Ruby and Cocoa on OS X" (ISBN 978-1-4493-8037-3). More info on that book can be found here The link to Safari books is here They claim to offer programs for public libraries, but they have pretty well priced themselves out of my family budget with their unlimited plan costing $42/mo. Thanks for your time, Whit

E-book borrowing

If I purchase the non-resident card, will I be able to borrow e-books or does it only allow me to borrow books from the library?

Non-Canton Resident & Metro Net Online Library

Is the MNOL a feature that only orange card members can access? I ask because I'm unable to set up an account with the site using the local library card number that I used to set up my Canton library account.

The eBooks page does say to use your CPL card number but the Loan Policies pages doesn't list it as only available to orange card holders (as it does with video games) so I wanted to ask to be sure.