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book contest

I went on a wrestling site called and it said you can sign up for it's annual yearly wrestlemania reading challenge at a library near you. Would you happen to be one of the many libraries with sign up sheets if so please respond thank you for your time

Grades for Children's Activities

Many of the children's summer program activities list ages K-2nd grade or 3-4th grade. The tween and teen programs state that they are for the grades the child is entering but the children's programs are unclear. Are the grades for the children's programs for the grade they completed or the grade they are entering? This question refers to a child who just completed 2nd grade and is mature for their age. I would like to enroll this child in 3-4th grade programs if possible. Thank you.

Short Story contest

How many times can we enter the short story contest?

ACT program


I thought I saw somewhere that you had an on-line ACT Testing Program or something that kids could do to practice for the ACT?

Thanks for your help.


I'm a teen age writer, and I would like to get published. I was wondering if the library supported/hosted/recommended any place to submit writing to. Thank you.

Pretty Little Liars

I see you have every book in the series except for the very first, I tried to put it on hold but it appears to have been billed to someone over a year ago. I would be very pleased if you got this book back on your shelves soon because I would like to read the series before it's TV series premieres, and it would be nice to start with the first book.

Thank You For Your Time.


Pretty Little Liars
Sara Shepard
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Where you saw it: 

Loud kids

Can you please enforce the library "quiet zones"? There's an increase of kids here, and they seem to think it's okay to congregate and be loud and obnoxious while some of us are studying and working. Thanks!

candy apple books

u guys should have more of the new "candy apple" books there are 3 *see you soon, samantha *miss you, mina and *wish you were here, liza

doll clothes donations

Hi, I am writing to you from a company located in Pennsylvania. We sell doll clothes and accessories for 18 inch dolls (such as the American Girl Doll) A woman from Canton, Michigan contacted us via our facebook page (My Doll's Life) asking if we have a place to donate doll clothes to. Unfortunately, we don't. I was not sure who to contact for her locally in Canton, and your page was the first one that came up on my search. If you have any suggestions or places she can donate please contact me. Thank you very much. Julie

Request for suggested readings

I have a 6-year-old boy who loves to read. He's read Freddie Fernortner, Junie B. Jones, some Magic Treehouse and A to Z adventures. I'm not very familiar with good reading series for boys and would like to know if you can recommend a few for him to try. Thank you!!

Tutoring at Canton Library

My daughter loves the tutors that come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays for math. My daughter received an A+ on her math quiz. She also enjoys talking with them. Thanks so much!

Maybe My Baby

Can we buy this? What is the price range?

Video Games Removed from Shelves

I noticed that some of the video games had been removed from the children's section and are now located behind the check-out desk. I'm assuming they were moved because of issues with damage or theft? When I asked one of the librarians about the change, they said that the games would be located behind the circulation desk for the foreseeable future. I can understand the need to keep those games safe, but it is very difficult for children to view and select video games when you have to wait your turn in the checkout line to ask for the vidoe game cart and then attempt to view the games on the cart from across the checkout desk (especially if the child in question isn't tall enough to see over the desk). And small children aren't able to easily browse the games using the online catalog. If you don't already have a solution planned, I have a suggestion that might save time/effort/frustration for both your staff and your patrons.

Early Chapter Fantasy Books

Can you provide me with the names of some early chapter books that are fantasies? Thanks!

A Curse Dark as Gold

This is a mystery young adult thriller. The library had this book but it says that it is lost and paid , i really want to read it and i hope you guys get a new copy.

Sound recording but no book for battle for the labyrinth

get battle for the labyrinth by rick riordian fast i am annoyed