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Teen Advisory Board

When does the Teen Advisory start? Do I need a form to apply?

Suggest to buy this Children DVD: Preschool prep Meet the letter sounds DVD

Suggest to buy this Children DVD: Preschool prep company: Meet the Phonics Series--Meet the letter sounds DVD

Manga (anime)

A long time ago I checked out this manga series called Wild Act! and to be honest it was very good. The library got rid of it but it was very good and I think that you should think about getting it again. I very much enjoyed reading this series and it is one of my favorite Mangas. Thank you.

The Connect Your Summer asked for feedback!

Hi, my name is Meghan. I'm a 17 year old senior at the PCEP. I love reading more than anything else and libraries are one of my favorite places to be. I appreciate the connect your summer program becuase it's brigning together the community and showing kids,teens, and adults that's there's more to the surrounding areas then what any of us know. However I am reaaly saddened that this has taken place of the summer reading programs. I understand that my perspective is not that of an average teen only because know how much work goes in to summer reading (I was on CPL TAB and am still on PDL TAB). I kid you not when I say I look forward to summer reading all year round. Granted I'm just one voice and I'm sure a lot of my peers dont share my enthusisasm but I think some do! I miss book clubs, teen advisery board, and now the summer book logs you turn in for prizes.

summer reading program

Is there a summer reading program this year? We enjoyed it last year.

8 and up; enhancing writing skills

I notice that there is a creative writing program for teens. It would be great to have a simple writing program geared for children 8 years and up. It would be very basic and simple such as developing a book report, creating a simple book ( has ideas as well). Based on Michigan MEAP scores there appears to be a need for more emphasis on writing. Perhaps some student teachers from EMU and other schools might come in and help this (like you did with the Science programs.

Summer reading program

Hi, Will the library have its summer reading program and, if so, when does registration start? Also--can some children's librarian recommend a good book about a foreign family to fulfill a Brownie requirement? It does not have to be long. A picture book would be fine. Thanks, Janet

Gate Needed For Baby Nook - Also Additional Signage

Today we had a mom with two kids have one dash off. She had to leave her four-year-old unattended to run after her toddler. We brainstormed together the idea of putting up some kind of baby gate or barrier to help keep little ones in the baby nook. It would have the added benefit of discouraging the big kids from using that space. In addition, if you put "For 18 Months and Younger" in bigger letters on the wall facing the small sign, more people might see it. Not too many people take time to read the smaller print. I think this could all be accomplished at relatively little cost, but with great benefit. Thanks for considering our ideas.

Psp Video Games

Does the canton public library carry psp games. If so, where?

The wall poster at the entrance of the kid library

Where can we get the wall poster at the entrance of the kid section? The poster is about swap and bridge. It is made by a lot of kid paintings. My son's painting is inside. Like to get the poster. Thank you!

A good book to add

Would like to recommend that you look into including The Boy Who Howled to your children's/middle grade collection. Truly well written, funny, engaging - particularly for boys, who don't often have books available that capture their interest. Author is Timothy Power.

Baby storytime registration

Hello, I am a Canton resident and have a valid library card. The system will not let me register my child for baby storytime even though there are still spaces available. Does my child need his OWN library card in order to register (even though he is only 15 months and obviously *I* will be the only one checking out books, not him??) Thank you for any insight.

Request for referrals

Hello! I have a 7-year-old son and would like to find an age appropriate book about "the body." I found books about specific body parts and preschool books about the body but am wondering if there is something in between to educate him on the body (or even how boys are different than girls). A realistic fiction book would be great, or a nonfiction book that can educate at a 7-8 year-old level. Any suggestions regarding titles or authors is greatly appreciated!

Baby story time

I tried to sign up for baby story time but when i try to register I get a message stating I'm not eligible to attend and see a librarian. Help.

Baby story time

Hi, I would like to register my two months old baby in the baby story time conducted on Wednesdays. The website shows that the program is full. By any chance can you please include my baby in this activity. It will help him a lot to socialize with people. Appreciate your help Thanks Akila N

Rage of the Red Lanterns

You need a new copy of "Rage of the Red Lanterns." Someone tore some pages out of it. YA Graphic Novel Green Lantern

Marko Human Body DVD

Hi, this DVD for children titled Marko Human Body came out in 2009. You have the Marko DVD collection except for this one. It is rated very highly. Can you please purchase this for the library?

Books for a 15 month old

Hi, I'm looking for books for my 15 month old. I'd like basic ones with pictures and not so many words on the page, also If there are any books that have rymes I'd like to check those out as well. Thank you very much, Robyn.

book contest

I went on a wrestling site called and it said you can sign up for it's annual yearly wrestlemania reading challenge at a library near you. Would you happen to be one of the many libraries with sign up sheets if so please respond thank you for your time