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Will the Children's Library the open during renovation?

how do you get the commentator badge?

i have seen lots of people who the commenter badge.

Resource of Quizes on books read?

Dear Canton Library: Does the library have or have access to online or computerized quizes for kids to test comprehension of books read and track books read? Thank you.

Teen Programs

When I drove past the library yesterday, i saw your sign inviting teens to participate with a physic. I am deeply saddened that a respected, community institution lends credibility to such an event, particularly to an age group where ideas and beliefs are molding. I am disturbed that these are tax dollars at work but even more so that this is what Canton portrays as desirable input for teens. I am hopeful events like this will not reoccur.

Parenting and kids videos

Hello, The following are some good videos that may be useful for the members if you can consider in future 1. Super nanny season 1 Videodisc 2. action words 1, 2, 3 3. Baby`s first impresssions 10 DVD box set 4. Raising an emotionally intelligent child DVD- Dr. John Gottman 5. The sleep easy solution :The complete guide to getting your baby or toddler to sleep DVD Jill spivack Thanks


please consider that the more ACT prep books you have would allow a chance for more students to have the potential to recieve a higher score, please consider buying more ACT prep books


please if you may have the time to purchase more 2012ACT prep books that would help the hold lines and give students more time to prep for the AcT. it would help students aim to achieve for a perfect score when more practice time is given when ACT books cn be renewed more than once but the students can not do that if the books they have are on hold. thank you for your time and please consider my suggestion it would help a ton of students who are prepping for the ACT.

summer reading program

do you have summer reading program and if so can you send me the link...

An interesting Teen reviewer program


How often do you order new books?

new books

please get these books The selection by kiera Cass The hidden- 3rd book to The Hollow series vanish- 2nd book to firelight The queens Lady by eve edwards Timekeeper- 2nd book to Timeless destined by Aprilynne Pike Thank you soooooooooooo much I would really appericate it

Manga Drawing Contest

Hello, Can you tell me whether you will be having the Manga Drawing Contest this year and if is there a good time for me to check back to for the contest details? Thanks, Krissy Powe

the fullmeatal alchemist ova collection

i was wondering if you could add the fullmetal alchemist ova's to the libraries collestion of anime dvds thank you

Family Story Time and ABC Activity Time

Hi, Will the Family Story Time and ABC Activity Time be continuing in 2012? And if so will there be any dates on Saturday? If so please send the times. Thanks, Pam

buy book please

i can't find the second book of alex rider. if not here please buy "Point Blanc" thank you

Easy Chapter Books

I am looking for suggestions of EARLY CHAPTER BOOKS for my son. He likes the Dinosaur Cove series you have, for example. (I purchased them myself as well!) Any other EASY series you can suggest? Thanks!

Magic Tree House

Please shelve by number. It is much harder to find the books by title; I don't know what title I am looking for--only which numbers to read next. Thank you.

Poems and Fingerplay Copyright

Some teachers from a local church are writing curriculum for a school in Liberia and would like to include some poems and fingerplays that are on your library's website. They are concerned about copyright issues, and I was unable to find copyright information with the resources at the URL /teller/poemsa.html. Are these poems and fingerplays public domain? If not, do you know where I can find copyright information for them? Rebecca Kilby Reference Librarian USC Upstate


the book is called Miss Lina's Ballerinas by Grace Maccarone. it will be loved by any little girl. very melodic

Good book about history for kids

Sweet Land of Liberty Gingrich, Callista