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Hi, I believe there may be a problem with my notice of almost overdue books e-mails. I think they stopped in April(after looking through my mailbox)and I should have got some in May. I just received notice that I had several overdue vids and now have a fine over $20.That e-mail was sent from a different address. I realize it's my job to get them back on time but I have become dependent on the reminders. Can you help?

lost lib card

I lost my son's library card somewhere in the house. I am sure it was not lost outside of my house. do I still need to get a new library card with a new number, or can you re-issue the same card with his old number, which I am sure is secure? Signed, a disorganized mom!

Renewing books online

I have logged into my account but cant seem to find where I can renew my books or even look at the items checked out. Help please Smile Thanks!

Fine for returned video disk

Hello, I returned the video on my account on the due date to my local library, Allen Park, on the date due, Feb 23rd. The librarian assured me that it can be returned properly to Canton. I expect they would indicate the date returned as I didn't expect to be responsible for the cost for added days. Thank You.

Getting an orange card

I think you should start a program (with a MINIMAL fee) for others to obtain an orange card. We are from another district but enjoy using your materials.

being charged for returned book

Hi. I returned "Essays that Will Get You Into Medical School," but I am being charged a replacement fee for it. Can you please take this off my account? Thanks

what does "Available Hold Shelf" mean?

I looked on the hold shelf and asked at the reference desk but with no resolution. I requested The Whale by Philip Hoare, a new book. I was told by reference to look over with the new books, but it was not there. I'm confused! My account says "Available Hold Shelf", and that sounds like the book's ready for pick up! It was not on the Hold Shelf. Thanks for your help.

Not getting email notification for any overdue Books or DVD

Hi, I never get email notification on my email ID for some reason for any overdue books or DVDs or Games. So due to that I end up paying fines as I am not updated. My Wifes always sends her email notification for everything. I wanted to know why it is my account is acting like this. I have updated my email address couple of time and it has never worked. I was charged over due fines today for the Games I had. I would like to request to take $ 4.00 fine which was charged on my account and try to find out why my account is not working. Regards

Expired Library Card

My son's library card is expiring and we can't get there before it expires can we renew next time we come in? Thank you.

Book returned but not checked in

I sent a previous message about a returned book that has not been taken off my record. I thought it was borrowed from another library but I was mistaken. It is a Canton PL book. I returned it in the inside book return over a week ago. "Perfection" by Julie Metz Could you look for it? Thank you

returned a book, still showing on my account

I returned Blasphemy by Douglas Preston thru the book drop thursday Jan 21st. as on today 01/26/10, it is still showing on my account. could you please check into and remove from my account? 

Overdue Books

I am out of town and have 2 books that I was unable to renew online. I won't be returning to Michigan until 1/25/10. What do I do? Thank you

Would Like To Renew

I need to renew Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 part 1, but someone has put it on hold. I am currently unable to get to the library.

Can non-Canton residents have an online account?

Hi, As a Plymouth resident with a PDL library card, I was able to borrow books from CPL. Now I would like to be able to renew them online, but when I try to set up an online account it doesn't like my card number. Are reciprocal borrowers allowed to have an online account with CPL? Thanks.

games not removed

I returned all the cd rom games on 12/28/09.But they have not been cleared out of my list yet.I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.

Borrowing for non-Canton residents

Dear Canton Public Library, I was very dissatisfied with my latest visit to the Canton Public Library. Having grown up in Plymouth, I frequently used the reciprocal borrowing program at your library. I was always able to check out the materials I required, and I was always treated with respect. Recently I was working on a school project and needed some resources from the library. After gathering five books for my project, I headed to the check-out line. Once the librarian scanned my card she told me that I could only check out two books at a time. I was confused, especially because other patrons in front of me in line had checked out stacks of books without a problem. Then I was told that I was only permitted two books because I am a Belleville resident. I was surprised since Plymouth residents do not have a two book limit. I was also very embarassed. Here I was, with a long line of patrons waiting behind me, having to select two books of my five.


On the twelfth, I had four DVDs due. I renewed them all on the eleventh. However, I logged into my account today and found out I had a $4.00 fine on one of the DVDs that I renewed... What happened?

Can't put a CD on HOLD??

I have been try to put a CD on hold (Kiss & Tell Selena Gomez) for the last 15 minutes. I can login to your site; but, every time I enter my name and library card number to request the hold for the CD, I get an error box. It's driving me nuts! I have tried every option. I know my name and have my library number memorized. Can you put the CD on hold for me? And, then tell me what's going on? Thank You!

Please Help Checking out "Hold" DVD

Hello, Please help me check out a hold dvd. I have this item ready to be picked up, but I'm out of town until Sunday 11/29 at night. Is possible for you to please check out the item for me on Tuesday? Tuesday 11/24 is the last day that my dvd can be on hold until. This way I will have 1-2 days to watch it before I have to return it back. I thought I froze it, but I must have missed it somehow. Please check this dvd out for me and put in the back room. I will come in on Monday 11/30 to pick it up and return it on due date (Tuesday). Thank you very much for your help.