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Can I return things I checked out from Canton Public Library to a different library?

Hi. I’ve been told I can return books from your library to one closer to my work, but I returned a book at Wayne Library yesterday evening and it is still showing up as checked out on my patron record. Can you tell me how long would it take for it to reflect as being returned? As this book is due today I am worried I will be charged a late fee.

You’re closed and I just realized my books are due today! How can I avoid fines?

I thought you were open till 7 on Fridays and now I can't renew my books. What should I do?

Why didn't all my returned materials get checked in?

I put 5 movies in the outside return box this morning, but I just checked my record and see only 3 got checked in. What happened?

holding for a movie

I have been #1 for the movie Noah for a long time. What is the status of this movie for me to check out?


how can i keep an overdue book

Is my hold available

Hello, I just put a book on Hold and it says there is 3 copies, and 2 of them are "Cataloging". I cannot tell if the book is available to be picked up or not, can you please let me know how I know when the book is available? Thanks!

Using our library card

Can we use our library card at the Plymouth library? They have a book I want and instead of requesting it i just would like to go there and pick it up. Thank You, Stephanie


Hi, I placed an available item on hold this morning, will it be ready for pick up today? I've never placed a hold on an available item before, so I'm not sure how long it takes. I'm picking up something else tonight and was hoping to get them at the same time. Thanks!

Westland Public Library Card

Hello- If I have a library card to the Westland Public Library, can I borrow books from the Canton Public Library? I grew up in Canton and have gone to the library for years, I would like to bring my daughter there to check out books. Thank you for your time. Megan

Held Item

I recently requested to hold a cd called "Take off Your Pants and Jacket" by Blink 182. It says it is available but I haven't gotten an email saying I could pick it up. I went to see if it was on the hold shelf or just somewhere in the cd sections. It was not. It has said it's been available for almost a month now. What should I do or when can I pick it up?

My childrens accounts

Good afternoon~ My 2 children have library cards. There courtesy notification comes to me. I was going to renew there books but all I can see on my account is the one I checked out. How do I renew there iteams? Thanks for your help, Tami

charges on hold items

Hi, I was not aware that there is now a charge on items not picked up on hold shelf. 99% of the time, I am able to pick up the items on hold shelf, however when we have guests over or kids are sick, then I found it difficult to pick up items. If I had known, I would have tried to cancel the items online. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. I am sure I missed the update on this new update. Could someone please let me know when did this start and where was it announced? Thank you.

Joining the Library

Good Morning, We recently (very recently) joined the library and would like to join. Can you tell me what we need to join? At this time are drivers license address has not been changed but we do have mail that we could bring. Thanks, Kimberly

Book on hold

I have been on hold for the book Affinity and Affection since May. In the catalog system it shows that it is overdue for the last person who checked it out and a fine has been issued. Is the library getting a new book to replace the old book that hasn't been returned? Should I take the hold off of this book, or just leave it on? Thanks for your great work and our wonderful library! Tonda Shimbo

fine payment

Can I pay a fine on-line with a credit card?

Crunch Time

I see that there are now 3 new books of "Crunch Time" by Diane Mott Davidson, but that they are all for Lucky Day even though we were allowed to place this book on hold. There are 17 holds on it. Will the library be getting additional books in or will there be no books going out for general lending? Thank you.

returned a book and still charging

i returned the book Tamar / Mal Peet
on the 12/15/10 and it is still charging me. i turned it into the book return with other things to. but they seem to have gone though why is it still there.


I've been trying to figure out how to pay my fines online, when I go into my account, it shows the fines and their breakdown, but I cannot seem to find a "pay" option.

Returned book at Wayne Public Library - Not showing up in Patrol Record (yet)

Hello I returned a book at Wayne Libray yesterday (8/17) evening. It is still showing up as checked out in Patrol Record. Can you tell me how long would it take for it to reflect as being returned? As this book is due today (8/18), I am worried if I will be charged late fee.

email notification

How can I receive email notifications when a book is due?