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I was curious if there are any current employment opportunities for the Canton Public Library? 

California Highway 1

Leila, in 4th grade, needs some information about California Highway 1. I can't find any books specific to this topic. Do you have suggestions? Thank you! Nancy Maleki

HD tv's

Hi, Is there a Consumer Report rating HD tv's? If so, could you send me the report? Thanks, Kris

book on hold

I'm curious to know why that an item I put on hold about 2 weeks ago(An item that was on order) I was number 3 out of 4 on a waiting list but now I'm number 17 out of 18. Just wondering how that works. Thankyou

Automotive News

I really enjoy reading "Automotive News" online but haven't seen an update since September 13, 2010. Has this publication been discontinued? If not, please let me know when it would be available. Thank you!

renew my library card please

please renew my library card thank you Maureen Stewart

video games

can u get a copy of fifa world cup soccer 2010 from africa for playstation 2


I have read that some libraries offer MANGO, an online language program that we can access from home. Do you have it/plan to have it?

Reserving a cd on line

I'm trying to request the All Time Greatest Hits CD by Barry White on line. It's available, yet I get a "not available for request" response.

Completing Summer Reading Logs

I recently e-mailed regarding suggestions for a program to come to in order to complete the summer reading log. Everything is either over or full. Suggestions? My previous e-mail neglected to state that my girls are in the read-to-me program and are 5 years old.

Online Access: Music Collection

Why not allow online access to the entire music collection? Benefits:

  1. It would be a more efficient way for patrons to search and use the entire catalog. Multiple Patrons could access the same material at once. Easier to place music on a MP3 player
  2. It would reduce damage, scratches, lost material, etc
  3. Other Libraries could share their collections (interlibrary loan) - increasing the size of both collections at a minimal cost

As a service project the Cubscouts/Boyscouts could use the computer room to move all of the CDs to a digital repository. (Many hands make light heavy work)

CD Collection placed online
Where you saw it: 

registration for summer reading

Is it possible to sign up online for summer reading program for babies?

Looking for new book

Hello I’m looking for a book but couldn’t find it anywhere in US. Is there any way that Canton Library get this book ? I would like to have my child read this book Title : “The Fox who ate books” Author : Franziska Biermann I’ve heard that there is English Translation version released recently..


The library purchase from itunes in bulk from requested songs by patrons and sell them at a discount to those patrons and, subsequently, other interested parties. I would like "Ghostriders in the Sky" by The Outlaws just to get it going.

renewing books

i am look ing for to click on when i need to renew a book what do i press

Music CD's

Is there a file I can get that lists ALL the Music CD's you have. I have tried the website, but the list is long, and it is so slow to get through the alphabet. (I cannot find a way to search for a specific title or author using the web site). Please help.

Availability of an item

I am a Canton resident. Will our library obtain a copy of Generation Zero, a documentary movie, which is due out this month? Thank you


My mother is 65 years old and wants to learn english for her there anything available to learn english?

state income tax forms

We never received our state income tax forms for the 2009 tax year. Do you have these available? Where do I go to get them? Thank you.

Grey's Anatomy-DVD

I've been watching the Grey's Anatomy series and now I'm up to Grey's anatomy. Season three, Disc 3 [videodisc] : seriously extended / Touchstone Television and now I can't seem to get a hold of it. I'm on the hold list, but because the last person never returned it and is being billed for it no one else can watch it. I've tried to get it from another library and can't. I've made a suggestion on the CPL site to try to get it, and have heard nothing, so I was wondering if you could help me get it so how? Please respond Thank You In Advance