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I placed some iteams on hold and for one item it says "1 hold" and the other " in transit". what actually does that mean? thank you

My list

How do I set up a books I have read list? Thank you.

meditation cds

Where do I find meditation cds at the library?

Information regarding a train accident in Wayne Co. in 1903

My grandfather, Isa Fay and three other men, John McMullen, Solstas Stsfan & John Paget died as a result of injuries suffered in a train crash involving 2 trains operated by the Detroit, Jackson & Chicago Railway Co. and the Detroit United Railway in Van Buren Township, Wayne Co. MI, sometime between Jan. - Nov. 1908. I am trying to locate information regarding the accident. Can you help me? Thank you, Mary Jean

The Black Banners Ali soufan

I was just wondering if you anticipate getting this book. It was written by a former FBI agent about 911. Just came out and very popular. Thank You Eileen Green

reference materials

can I access a reference book on the computer rather than come into the library. I am interested in the books listing all the businesses by type.

Getting a library card

My son needs a library card. Can I request one online?

History of Homes in area

How do I find out the history of a home? I'm looking for haunted, criminal, etc. Thanks

international books

I would like to have a section for arabic books.


Hello CPL! I am awaiting RockSmith for PS3. I am in the queue and would like to know if you have an idea of an expected date that it will arrive? Thanks =)

requesting Library Connections via e-mail

I can't figure out where on your web-site I can sign up. Help! Or just put my info in and it will be done. 25149 00103 5860 Thank you.

Teacher looking for a similar book

I am a first grade teacher and I am starting my maps unit. I was looking for Mouse Views: What the Class Pet Say by Bruce McMillan. I could not find it through the online catalog and I was wondering if you have something similar to this book. The book is about the class pet mouse's perspective of the class room and the children are to identify the objects from this point of view. Thank you!

Discussion of wine related books done last year.

Could you please send me the list of the books that were discussed in this series. Thank you

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: A Visual Dictionary

Two copies of this book were ordered April 1 of this year. Can you check and let me know what has happened to prevent their arrival? My son Elijah has been the first requester for months, and we are wondering when the book will come in. Thanks very much, Elizabeth Quan

The Kingdom-Clive Cussler

I am on hold for The Kingdom by Clive Cussler along with 17 other people. There are only Lucky Day copies. Will you be getting in general circulation copies or should I try another library? I am unable to catch Lucky Day copies since I work full time. Thanks.

list of (new) New York Times best sellers in the library

hi there! How can I find a list of the latest New York Times best selling books in the library that are new??

hold books 2

cutting stone by Abraham Verchese
barbara striesand- Design

Copying the Buros Mental Measurments Yearbook (b1516390)

I have a library card issued by the Manchester District Library. I have to do a research paper for college, for which I will need to document / reference 3 test reviews from the 18th Buros Mental Measurments Yearbook (b1516390). My questions are: Is there any issue with copying these reviews? What is the cost for a copy? Can I add monies to my account at the library if I need more funds?

Library card expired

Dear Librarian, Hello according to your records my library card has expired. How can I resolve this so I can reserve a book online. Thank you

You must come into the library to renew your library card. Please bring your picture ID with you. Then you can reserve your choice of books online or in the library. Thank you for asking ASKCPL!
The Chose
Chaim Potok

Old Newspapers

Do you know where I could find out what year the Julien's Party Store was closed? It was on Canton Center and Ford for 54 years.