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Question about 1st Holder

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to bring an incident to your kind attention. In September, I suggested one book titled as The Guide to Fishing Skills Tactics and Techniques. The book was ordered on Oct. 9, 2012. Based on Canton Library rule, the one who suggested buying is supposed to be the first reader. I was automatically listed as first reader by the system. I was waiting for this book and waiting for it till today. When I noticed that this book was put on the hold shelf, I knew I would get the chance. However, I was wrong. Someone jacked in and borrowed this book before me. Is the rule changed? Or does the particular borrower have some prevelidges over other readers? Need your kind explanation.

Library Board Director

Hello, I'm wondering if you can refer me to any online information on the six candidates running for the Library Board Director positions. Thanks, Tami Hayward Canton, Mi.

I need help finding information for a class project.

Hi, I am a first year graduate student at the University of Michigan. For one of my classes I have to write an article for possible publication in Library Media Connection. I would like to write my article on the importance of having non-traditional families showcased in children and YA fiction. I am looking for any information that could be used to research an article on this topic. I have done some preliminary searching on my own and am having a hard time finding any information. Mostly I have just been googling and trying to find scholarly articles that even touch on the subject. What I am hoping to find is statistical information on the number of books that feature a non-traditional family (single parent, divorced parent, same-sex, guardians, foster family, interracial families) in a positive light vs a negative spin.

looking for a card catalog cabinet

Hello, this might be a weird request but I am looking for an old card catalog cabinet to use in my house. I am a huge reader and just think this would be a cool piece to have. it doesn't have to be in good shape, actually the more beat-up, the better. I am willing to pay for this up to a certain amount if one is found. Also, is there a way I can easily ask other libraries in the area this as well or maybe you could inquire for me? I know these are very rarely used in libraries anymore, but maybe an old one can be found in storage or something? thanks for your help! It's not a huge deal, but I have been thinking about it and now I really want one! thank you for your help! Debbie Beaudoin

Suggestion for Placement of a Book in the Library

Good Morning....I recently read "The Christmas Box" by Richard Paul Evans and found it to be an excellent read. What I found strange is that this book is in the children's section yet all his other writings are in the adult area. It is my belief that this book should be placed with his others or another copy purchased so it can be in both places. I have been told there is a processes in categorizing books for the library so it is my hope that this request be carefully considered. Also, I would be willing to purchase a copy for the library if in fact you would be willing to place it with his other books. Thank you for your time Sherri Darichuk

Children's Books

Hello I was wondering if you have the following books or DVDs? All of these are Veggie Tales.

1) Larry Learns To Listen
2) Growing Kindhearted Kids
3) Bob Lends a Helping Hand
4) Growing Paitent Kids.

If you don't have these, can you see if another nearby library have these books or movies. Anything that has to do Aesthetic and creative development. Hopefully you can find these items for me before Wednesday or Thursday.

Thank You, I really appreciate it.

Jennifer Quinn

requesting a book on CD

Your library does not carry a CD of the Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness by Alexandra Fuller. I specifically want to listen to the book not read it. When I try to interloan--through MEL--a CD copy of this book, the message tells me since your library carries this book, I can't request a CD through another library. Will you interloan a CD of this book for me? Please let me know. 

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time

I am working my way through the thirteen volumes of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time (WoT) series in anticipation of the final volume (A Memory Of Light) to be released next January. Do you know when it might be added to our catalog so I can get on the request list? Specifically, I'm interested in requesting the book-on-CD version of A Memory of Light. Thank you. BTW, the WoT audio books are OUTSTANDING! Readers (no, performers!) Michael Kramer and Kate Reading have done a magnificent job of really bringing to life the complex WoT world. After thoroughly enjoying several of the books in print form on my prior pass through the series, I picked up an audio version of the next one for a long driving trip. It was even better!!! The individual characters come to life. The WoT world is somehow richer. (And you don't have to stumble over the unfamiliar long names, like Tel'aran'rhiod.)


Do you have the book - Boundaries by henry Cloud & John Townsend?

Other Libraries

Hi, I was wondering if you had the ISBN that you could locate this book through the other lending sources that the library can get books from. The name of the book is Business Research Methods- ISBN# 9781111826925 Authors last names: Zikmund & Babin. If you could please help locate this book I would be grateful. Thanks Sherry Browning

Canton school yearbooks

I would like to know if your library has yearbooks for Canton schools. In particular, the 1994 yearbook containing the graduating class.

Brothers and Sister Season 5 Discs 1,2,3

I have been checking the library website for the availability of these three DVD's and have noticed that they were billed back in Sept. 2011. Do you plan to followup on this or replace these missing DVD's from the final season of Brothers and Sisters? I am very interested in viewing the concluding season. Many thanks!

Looking for a Book

Hello, I'd like to know if the library has a copy of the book Mega Trends 2000, by Naisbitt? Thanks!

Scrabble board

How did you make this? I am a 4th grade teacher and think this would be amazing in a classroom.


Hi, There is a question on your volunteer form regarding the positions I would like to apply for. I need to know what the different volunteer positions are. Also, it says we must commit to a 6 month period; what happens on a day when we cannot show up? Thank you

Manga Drawing Contest 2012

Dear Sir/ Madam, Good day to you. The above mentioned title is referred. What is the requirement to take part in this contest? I am from Malaysia and am I entitled for it? Looking forward your prompt reply. Thanks and regards, Pun

Library Card

I have a library card from Caroline Kennedy Library, am I able to checkout materials from the Canton Library with my Caroline Kennedy Library card?

Cannot Request a Book

I was trying to request The Pickle Patch Bathtub and was given an error message that there is a problem. Can you please tell me what the problem is? Thank you.


I am looking for an obit that may be in the Canton Observer, from October 2009. Do you have older newspapers at the library? Or could you suggest where I might be able to locate the paper or archived version?