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Michigan Agriculture

Hello, I attended a program at your library that was given by someone who was showing information about the agricultural products that grow in the state of Michigan. She offered some food from Michigan companies. I took her card - but cannot locate it now - could you please tell me who that person was or the organization she was representing. I have the magazine she gave out but I wish I had saved the card. Thank you for any information you might have. Alfred Brock

Are Wii games available for borrowing?

Hello, I was interested in finding out if the library has a section for Wii games - specifically fitness related ones. And if so, how many days can they be loaned out for? Thanks for your help.

WHY DOES THE WORLD EXIST? An Existential Detective Story. By Jim Holt.

WHY DOES THE WORLD EXIST? An Existential Detective Story. By Jim Holt. According to the NY Times "Best Books of 2012", this book should be listed as Non-Fiction NOT fiction. Most (if not all) of the other Michigan libraries also label it as Non-Fiction. Just an FYI!

rosetta stone

why do you refuse to purchase rosetta stone in various languages including spanish, french, etc? canton library alleges to be one of the busiest and best in the state of mi with media attention, but you have not purchased this well known basic language software for education. i have submitted requests for this to your library several times. which staffer is not acting on those requests? instead of spending so much to purchase movie dvds which are available to so many already by netflix and amazon and blockbuster, instead of purchasing new fiction books at perfect intervals at great expense, instead of overstaffing the front desk and your desk jobs, why not purchase language software which will really help students in this township?

Jim Butcher "skin games"

Will u be ordering copies of the lates in the Harry Dresden series and if so will u please put my name on the wait list. Scheduled to come out in November. Thanks

How Can I Reserve A Study Room

I may need to reserve a study room for a short period of time, sometime in the next week or so (today is 6/13/13). Is there an electronic way to reserve it, or do I need to do it in person? Or, at this time of the year, do you think I should just take my chances? Thanks.


i have a book of The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting.could you please reissue of this book to my account??


Kokuryŏ. 1, Tomangja Ŭlbul / Kim Chinm-yŏng

Hello there, I just finished reading Kokuryo book 1 & 2 and i found out that there are three more books for this series. (total series 5 sets) I just wonder if Canton libriry is going to purchase the rest of the serious near soon. Thank you Jee seon Park

Accelerating reading

Hi, I am a resident at Canton and I wonder if you have accelerated reading or so similar program available for kids reading available at the Library? thanks Nancy

rare book

I recently purchased a copy of The Wishing Tree by William Faulkner. What should I do to continue to preserve this book as it is rare and out of print. I am willing to bring it and meet with a librarian to discuss this.

Processing new releases

Good morning, I noticed that the movie Flight was being processed last Friday. It was released 10 days ago. I hope the processing will be completed today so we can enjoy it soon. Skyfall was released this Tuesday. I hope that gets processed too. Thanks for all the great movies!

Computer Classes

Do you have a list of computer classes listed by difficulty available at the Canton Public Library? Thank you for your time.

Computer Classes

Do you have a list of computer classes listed in the order that they should be taken?

validating a travel company

Hi, we are planning a trip to south africa this fall and have been doing some research on the feasability of such a trip we have incountered both large and small companies offering services, we are interested in knowing if there is any such group or service that would be able to give us info on the reputation of such travel agencies, exspecially the smaller ones that are located in south africa, thank you for any assistance you can give. Gene and Sharon Scharf

ipad1 kit


I just borrowed the ipad kit yesterday from the library and was wondering if there is a way to access the internet browser. I cannot find the safari browser on it, has this been disabled?

Blu Ray discs

Does the library carry movies on Blu ray discs?


Hi, can you please tell me if you have the following book available for borrowing? I could not find this at the Canton database, so I'm wondering if I'm searching wrong or if this might be located at a nearby library for borrowing. Can you please help? Thanks, Jasmine Lee


DVD availability

Hello. I've been waiting to see if the library will get the sewing DVD by Louise Cutting. Industry Insiders Volume 5. It looked as if the library was waiting for shipment, now, however, it's listed, but dosen't state that it is a part of the library lending materials. Will CPL be getting this title soon? Thanks. Kim Golida

new DVD

when will the new DVD's start coming again...

DVD Movie Titles and holding new Releases

Have the new DVD title ordering habits changed at the library for 2013? I have noticed no new DVD titles have been ordered since mid-December. My family and I have enjoyed watching new DVD title movies from the CPL over the past several years. Just curious and thank you in advance for all you do to help grow our Canton Community.