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Our Animal Friends

While dogs are still the most popular pets in the United States, these days people are befriending everything from turtles to mice. Whether you currently have an animal friend or are just thinking about adopting one, we have compiled a list of resources of interest to pet lovers of all types.

Pet Care

Aquariums for dummies by Maddy Hargrove and Mic Hargrove

An essential guide to choosing your marine tropical fish by Dick Mills

Getting to know your hamster by Gill Page

Pet Names

The best pet name book ever by Wayne Bryant Eldridge ; illustrations by Tom Kerr — This popular reference suggests more than 3,000 names from categories such as film and TV personalities, historical figures, mythology and cartoon characters.

The complete book of pet names: an ASPCA book by compiled and edited by George Greenfield ; [foreword by Roger Caras] — An entertaining and informative book with lots of historical tidbits, wonderful stories about how people came up with their own pets' names. Also included are sections on common-sense pet care information, do's and don't's, and great pictures of people and their diverse animal friends.

Pet Anecdotes

Chicken soup for the pet lover's soul [electronic resource]: stories about pets as teachers, healers, heroes, and friends by [edited by] Jack Canfield ... [et al.] — This inspiring and entertaining "Chicken Soup" collection relates the unique bonds between animals and the people whose lives they've changed

The Daisy sutra: conversations with my dog by Helen Weaver ; illustrated by Alan McKnight — Helen Weaver's memoir of her dog Daisy and the true story of her discovery of animal communication.

The parrot who owns me: the story of a renowned ornithologist's relationship with her pet parrot Tiko by Joanna Burger — This is the story of Joanna and Tiko, an orphaned 30-year-old parrot, as well as the story of the science of birds, and of parrots in particular. Woven into the narrative are insights and fascinating revelations from Dr. Burger's work--not only about parrots, but also about what it means to be human.

Communication and Training

CatSpeak: how to learn it, speak it, and use it to have a happy, healthy, well-mannered cat by Bash Dibra with Elizabeth Randolph ; illustrations by José Dennis — With easy-to-follow instructions and complete, up-to-the-minute information, CatSpeak provides everything you need to know to have a happy, healthy, well-mannered cat.

Unlocking the animal mind: how your pet's feelings hold the key to his health and happiness by Franklin D. McMillan, with Kathryn Lance ; foreword by Bob Barker — McMillian is a veterinarian and animal theorist, and his book focuses of the "striking — and extraordinarily logical — depiction of the way your pet's mind works."


Dog fancy — The top publication for dog owners and enthusiasts. Each issue provides helpful tips on training, veterinary care and proper nutrition.


American Veterinary Medical Association Presents Care for Pets — This comprehensive resource provides a wealth of pet-related information. Topics covered include pet safety, buying a pet, animal health and pet loss.

Purina: Advancing Life — This site, produced by one of the country 's leading pet food manufacturers, provides plenty of useful information relating to cat and dog care. All of the relevant subject areas are covered including adoption, health, safety and, of course, nutrition. — This site is sponsored by the American Animal Hospital Association, an international organization of more than 24,000 veterinary care providers who treat companion animals. Its "Pet Care Library" also provides relevant information covering all aspects of pet care.