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This is the season of miracles and they are all around us. The power to appreciate even the smallest coincidence is one of the many choices we are given in this life and many miracles start out exactly that way. From the least startling to the truly awe inspiring wonders that happen, it is a gift to be able to witness their unfolding. Following is a list of "miracle" books and other resources which can be found at the Canton Public Library or through its access to the Internet. Be sure to check out the section on Christmas Miracles near the end.

Extraordinary Coincidences

Small miracles II: heartwarming gifts of extraordinary coincidences by Yitta Halberstam & Judith Leventhal

Small miracles for women: extraordinary coincidences of heart and spirit by Yitta Halberstam & Judith Leventhal — Small miracles unfold to convince us that we are watched over and helped, just when we need it most, and, blissfully, not alone in our struggles. Reminds us of the small, but good, wonders that surround us daily.

Small miracles of love and friendship: remarkable coincidences of warmth and devotion by Yitta Halberstam and Judith Leventhal — Dozens of true stories of life changing coincidence, close calls and inspirational healings will remind us that God is always near.

Where wonders prevail: true accounts that bear witness to the existence of heaven by Joan Wester Anderson — Dozens of true stories of life changing coincidence, close calls and inspirational healings will remind us that God is always near.


A treasury of miracles for women: true stories of God's presence today by Karen Kingsbury — Stories of ordinary women touched in extraordinary ways, whether by angelic intervention or the nudge of maternal intuition. These stories of selfless sacrifice show us that God is always at work in our lives.

Under God's wings: miraculous true stories of Christian faith and hope by Candy Chand — True-to-life stories of ordinary people conquering life's challenges and overcoming obstacles through the power of their faith.

In the hollow of His hand: amazing stories of God's care by Gorman Woodfin — Captivating stories dealing with God's powerful intervention in the lives of those experiencing addiction, murder, near-death occurrences, crime and war. The author has produced major national award-winning shows.

Expect miracles: inspiring stories of the miraculous in everyday life by [compiled by] Mary Ellen — A collection of the best stories of faith and hope sent to the "Angelscribe" Internet column during its first three years. From the story of a woman whose prayers are answered by a stranger's kindness, to letters of gratitude to a man who helped and risked his life for others, these stories touch the heart and lift the spirit.

Hot chocolate for the mystical soul: 101 true stories of angels, miracles, and healings by Arielle Ford — Inspiring first person accounts of angels, miracles, near-death experiences, animal miracles, divine interventions, personal transformations and miraculous healings. The storytellers hail from every profession and range from common individuals to prominent people. The stories in these books "will change your beliefs, stretch your mind, open your heart and expand your consciousness" (Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul).

A 2nd helping of chicken soup for the soul: 101 more stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit by [compiled by] Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen — Inspirational writings with the themes of love, and developing positive relationships, attitudes and humor by well known authors Gloria Steinem, Art Buchwald, Tony Robbins and others.

Expect a miracle: the miraculous things that happen to ordinary people by Dan Wakefield — A journalist interviews people in the U.S. and abroad to present a powerful survey of the miraculous happening to ordinary people. Not so much evidence that miracles occur in everyday life, as that others expect and accept them as wondrous events.

Heavenly miracles: magical true stories of guardian angels and answered prayers by [edited by] Jamie C. Miller, Laura Lewis, and Jennifer Basye Sander — More than 30 of the most mystical true stories encountered by ordinary people, including a mysterious red-haired woman who has surprising insights into the personal ads to make a heavenly match and a husband who sends a tender message to his grieving widow.

The power of miracles: stories of God in the everyday by Joan Wester Anderson — Stories collected from around the world of miraculous rescues, celestial visions, unexpected healings and inexplicable protection. From the illiterate carpenter who can suddenly read, to the soldier whose car runs out of gas at the exact spot a woman is trapped beneath hers, these inspiring stories can't fail to please. An alternate selection of three book clubs.

Something else to smile about: more encouragement and inspiration for life's ups and downs by Zig Ziglar — Humorous anecdotes, lessons on character, true greatness, personal integrity and overcoming obstacles. Good for a daily source of motivation and encouragement.

Everyday grace: having hope, finding forgiveness, and making miracles by Marianne Williamson — The author shows how to find hope, forgiveness and celebrate miracles in a harsh world. By the bestselling author of Illuminata; this is also a New York Times bestseller.

A treasury of miracles for friends: true stories of God's presence today by Karen Kingsbury — Each story is based on a true miraculous event with fictionalized details. The themes of broken homes, traumatic injuries, near fatal illness and children with special needs provide the backdrop for the intervention of divine providence.

A treasury of miracles for teens: true stories of God's presence today by Karen Kingsbury — The author recounts some of the incredible stories told to her by teens, such as answers to urgent prayers, life saving coincidences and unidentified voices helping to safety. Christian parents and teens will find this comforting, inspirational and sentimental.

History of Miracles

An inquiry into the existence of guardian angels by Pierre Jovanovic — One of the most comprehensive studies ever published investigating miracles in relation to angelic apparitions, this was a runaway best-seller in France.

The day will come by Michael H. Brown — Drawing from priests, mystics, ministers and theologians from all over the world, the author attempts to answer questions regarding the future and prophecy which are based on the past history of Marian (pertaining to the Virgin Mary) miracles, visions and private revelations.

Divine interventions: true stories of mystery and miracles that change lives by Dan Millman and Doug Childers — Collection of miracle and mystery stories detailing historic figures that have encountered a form of guidance, revelation or grace that lead them to a higher calling, inspired creation or courageous choice. Short and easily readable chapters carefully address issues of historical accuracy in unfolding details of ordinary lives transformed to the extraordinary.

Mind Over Matter

Living the 7 habits: the courage to change by Stephen R. Covey — More than 70 little stories of people as they practice seven habits to be more effective in their personal or business life. Some are ordinary and others are life changing. Good for a sense of general inspiration or for gaining a knowledge of positive community change for the better.

You'll see it when you believe it by Wayne W. Dyer — How to use the mind to see and feel the positive in any situation. The power within you can turn obstacles into opportunities and rid yourself of inner turmoil, allowing you to spend every day doing what you love.

Your heart's desire: instructions for creating the life you really want by Sonia Choquette; meditations by Patrick Tully; foreword by Julia Cameron — Helps readers to figure out what they want before they try to get it by using creative visualization, step by step practical advice, and specific exercises to teach readers changes in thought and behavior to lead them to their heart's desire.

Miracles by Stuart Wilde — Wilde explores the role of miracles in our lives. He maintains that by acting as if we've already achieved the object of our desire, we create the powerful energy to obtain what we seek. He contends we all have unlimited power to achieve.

Manifest your destiny: the nine spiritual principles for getting everything you want by Wayne W. Dyer — Best selling author and speaker outlines the steps to achieve the success needed to attain our own personal destiny. Easy to read, difficult to put down.

The sky's the limit by Wayne W. Dyer — Provides the strength, knowledge and self-confidence to change your life, aim for perfection and win.

Medical Miracles

His mysterious ways: miracles of healing by foreword by Edward Grinnan — Stories from the best-selling Guideposts Magazine which center around persons healed in the most extraordinary ways. "His Mysterious Ways" is a monthly feature devoted to stories which seem more like divine providence and less like coincidence.

Matrix healing: discover your greatest health potential through the power of Kabbalah by Raphael Kellman; foreword by Larry Dossey — The ancient mystical tradition of Kabbalah teaches of an unseen realm of energy and healing power in which all have the key to perfect health. In addition to this mystical knowledge, practical advice about diet, meditation, stress relieving techniques and steps to eliminate headaches, backaches and chronic pain is given. The author is an M.D. who graduated from Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York.

Miracle in Maui: Let miracles happen in your life by Paul Pearsall — An update of the best-selling Making Miracles, the author revisits his ten sacred secrets of science to show that we make miracles when we consider a miraculous point of view.

Love, medicine, & miracles: lessons learned about self- healing from a surgeon's experience with exceptional patients by Bernie S. Siegel — Explains how unconditional love is the most powerful force on the immune system. Dr. Siegel proves that love actually heals and healing miracles happen. Spent 78 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List.

The power of prayer: to heal and transform your life by [Sherry Hansen Steiger] — More than 50 stories about real life healing that astound medical experts, including a cancer-ridden patient who comes back from the dead with a message for the living, a Nobel Prize-winning physician whose faith is restored after the recovery of an incurable patient, and a small church in Ireland that is the setting for healing miracles.

The sun farmer: the story of a shocking accident, a medical miracle, and a family's life-and-death decision by Michael McCarthy — An Illinois corn farmer was so badly burned in a tractor accident that only his feet, protected by his new steel-toe boots, escaped the flames. While he lay unconscious, it was up to his wife Rhoda, with no way of knowing how disabled or disfigured her husband would be after multiple surgeries, to decide whether to allow doctors to enshroud him in a cocoon of artificial skin, or allow him die. This story carries the reader through the Finks' agonizing experience as Ted is sedated into a coma for six months while Rhoda is left alone to contemplate this life-or-death decision. Even the possibility of saving Ted depends upon the product of laboratories at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There the story shifts, as Mr. McCarthy takes the reader to describe the long-shot development of the world's first artificial skin and the ambitious Greek chemist who refused to let his dream of inventing it die.

A touch of hope: the autobiography of a laying-on-of- hands healer by Dean Kraft, with Rochelle Kraft — Remarkable story of a man who, in 1972, discovered he could heal with his hands. Tales of celebrity treatments and ordinary people pulled from the brink of death by a hands-on healer who, when scientifically tested, could kill cancer cells in a medical flask.

Cookery Miracles

The magnesium miracle by Carolyn Dean — Explains the vital role that magnesium plays in the control of many serious ailments from painful muscle spasms to bladder problems to brain injury and complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Find our which magnesium rich foods are necessary to keep vital organs healthy, what vitamins and minerals work with magnesium to treat specific ailments or to enable it to become potent and much more.

The miracle of fasting: proven through history for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation by Paul C. Bragg and Patricia Bragg — Fasting is necessary for cleansing and detoxifying for spiritual renewal and longer life. Here is a manual to guide one through this process.

Musical Miracles

Music and miracles by compiled by Don Campbell — Essays from visionary listeners, researchers, healers and musicians that attest to the profound impact of sound on their lives.

The healing power of sound: recovery from life- threatening illness using sound, voice, and music by Mitchell L. Gaynor — These are techniques for healing when faced with a life threatening disease or for relief from stress. Music can lower heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate and increase the immune response. Twelve exercises are included which involve breathing, meditation and "toning," or using pure vocal sounds to relieve tension, release emotion and spur the healing process.

The Mozart effect: tapping the power of music to heal the body, strengthen the mind, and unlock the creative spirit by Don Campbell — Demonstrates the power of music to improve the higher cerebellar functions, such as spatial reasoning, logical and mathematical concepts, boost creativity, help calm autistic children and help infants to think and react better. Dramatic accounts of how music is used to deal with high blood pressure, chronic pain, dyslexia, and even mental illness.

Mothers' Miracles

Living miracles: stories of hope from parents of premature babies by Kimberly A.Powell and Kim Wilson [editors] — Parents of premature babies share their birth stories. From the baby born only eight inches long, to others born before modern advances could give them an edge on survival, these stories prove that parents should never give up hope.

Mothers' miracles: magical true stories of maternal love and courage by [edited by] Jamie C. Miller, Laura Lewis, and Jennifer Basye Sander — These short stories about mothers' devotion to their children exude the spirit of love and kindness ideal for sharing in any season. Heartwarming miracles of rescue, endurance and survival.

Animal Miracles

Love, miracles, and animal healing: a veterinarian's journey from physical medicine to spiritual understanding by Allen M. Schoen and Pam Proctor — A veterinarian explains how love for animals can help them live longer, save their lives, improve their health and enhance human's abilities to communicate with them. He practices a combination of conventional and alternative medical treatments to deepen the bond and provide healing energy for both pets and owners.

Angel cats: divine messengers of comfort by Allen and Linda Anderson — A compilation of short stories that express how owners learn love, patience, compassion and other virtues through their cats who also provide miraculous protection and comfort in dangerous and stressful times.

Cat miracles: inspiring true tales of remarkable felines by Brad Steiger & Sherry Hansen Steiger — Felines that experience miraculous survival plus unusual stories of cat courage are chronicled here by the award-winning authors of Christmas Miracles.

Sports Miracles

It's not over 'til it's over by Al Silverman — A former editor for Sports Magazine offers re-creations of 13 dramatic sports events from the 20th century and interviews the event's participants to provide perspective from both the victor and the vanquished. Several obscure surprise events are scattered amongst the well-documented upsets to round out this account.

And the fans roared: the sports broadcasts that kept us on the edge of our seats by Joe Garner; Bob Costas, narration; George Foreman, foreword — Arranged chronologically in two volumes, fateful seconds in sports are presented from the pros, the Olympian and college teams. Two accompanying CDs make for spontaneous re-living of the moment.

Survival Miracles

Miracle in the Andes: 72 days on the mountain and my long trek home by Nando Parrado; with Vince Rause — After three days of lying unconscious, an ordinary man leads an expedition up treacherous mountain slopes and across 45 miles of wilderness to seek help for the victims of a plane crash. This takes you to the edge of death and back and shows the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love to drive it.

Deep survival: who lives, who dies, and why: true stories of miraculous endurance and sudden death by Laurence Gonzales — This book illustrates the hearts, minds and souls of those who have survived impossible situations and those that haven't, illustrating the psychological transformation, spiritual journey, mysterious events and surprising outcomes that occur. It charts new ground in the science of survival and will help one better survive uncertain times, bereavement and trauma as well as more challenging situations.

Faith under fire: stories of hope and courage from World War II by Steve Rabey — Stories of brave men and women who lived through WWII, facing unbelievable adversity, and emerging with a stronger faith in God.

Miracles on the water: the heroic survivors of a World War II U-Boat attack by Tom Nagorski — On September 17, 1940, the British liner SS City of Benares was sailing in the North Atlantic with more than 400 people on board; at a little after ten o'clock that night, a German submarine torpedoed it. Mind-bending examples of courage and endurance took shape in the hours and days that followed the attack, the children in particular. Based on firsthand accounts from the child survivors and other passengers, including the author's great-uncle, Miracles on the Water is a story of tragedy, hope, courage and triumph, in the face of terrible odds.

Christian Miracles

Guardian angels: true stories of answered prayers by Joan Wester Anderson — Inspiring modern miracle stories of the angels' healing, comfort and heavenly visitation reveal a caring, loving God who intervenes when necessary.

Mother Angelica: the remarkable story of a nun, her nerve, and a network of miracles by Raymond Arroyo — Relying solely on God's providence, Mother Angelica built the Eternal Word Television Network without concern for budget or fund raising campaigns, achieving what the highest level of the Catholic Church had been unable to do. Here is her inspiring story.

The day I met God: extraordinary stories of life- changing miracles by Jim & Karen Covell, Victorya Michaels Rogers — Dramatic turn-around Christian conversion stories of an ex-KKK lord, convict, millionaire, celebrities, terrorism and abuse survivors, and converts from other faiths. The majority of authors live in the Hollywood area and are active today in public ministry.

Little miracles in real life: inspiring accounts of God's intervention in people's lives — A collection of favorite miracle stories from Guidepost Magazine, contributed by people from all walks of life.

The book of miracles: extraordinary events in ordinary lives by Malcolm Day — Covers 50 spectacular miracles that have occurred since the birth of Christ, accompanied by opinions from the church, skeptics and scientists. Artists' depictions combine with photographs of the actual phenomena such that each event is illustrated.

A miracle a day: stories of heavenly encounters by Ann Spangler — True stories from scripture and from the lives of ordinary men and women, as well as notable figures such as Catherine Marshall, Francis of Assisi and General George Patton, explore themes of miraculous healing, deliverance, prophecy, the power of prayer, when miracles don't happen, and the significance of dreams and visions.

Unsolved miracles by compiled by John Van Diest — Compilations from popular Christian authors, including Max Lucado, Billy Graham, James Dobson and Joni Earickson Tada, sharing amazing events that defy explanation.

Miracles happen when you pray: true stories of the remarkable power of prayer by Quin Sherrer — Inspiring stories of ordinary people who receive extraordinary answers to prayers concerning healing, protection, direction and rescue.


The Christmas box miracle: my spiritual journey of destiny, healing, and hope by Richard Paul Evans — The story of how The Christmas Box, the author's self-published book, became a runaway bestseller. More than a publishing success story, it speaks of Evan's magical ability to change readers' lives.

Christmas miracles by Brad Steiger & Sherry Hansen Steiger — Her is an award-winning collection of short stories, each describing a Christmas miracle which provides inspiration and holiday magic.

Christmas miracles: magical true stories of modern-day miracles by [edited by] Jamie C. Miller, Laura Lewis, and Jennifer Basye Sander — A collection of inspiring events that happened at Christmas time, including miracles of healing, angelic visits and life-saving intervention.

The magic of Christmas miracles: an all-new collection of inspiring true stories by [edited by] Jamie C. Miller, Laura Lewis, and Jennifer Basye Sander — Second collection of amazing true stories that happened at Christmas, including a private plane with an unconscious pilot landing safely in an open field, and a dramatic Christmas day rescue in the Indian Ocean.

A Christmas filled with miracles: inspiring stories for the magic of the season by [compiled by] Mary Ellen; foreword by Doreen Virtue; afterword by G. W. Hardin — Short stories of miracle happenings, good will offerings and fortunate occurrences at Christmas time.

A treasury of Christmas miracles: true stories of God's presence today by Karen Kingsbury — True stories of Christmas miracles which have been reworked and slightly fictionalized. All stories reflect God's intervention during the Christmas season to demonstrate his love.

Christmas miracles by Brad Steiger & Sherry Hansen Steiger — Helps remind us that there is a purpose and plan for each one of us, and more to life than appears to be, in the gentle unfolding of each of these miracle Christmas stories.

Skeptical Inquiry

The miracle detective: an investigation of holy visions by Randall Sullivan — An inquiry into the Marian apparitions at Medjugorje turns into a soul search for an investigative reporter for Rolling Stone as he struggles to find the meaning of the miracles there against the backdrop of escalating violence and war. He reports on other accounts of these visions, most notably America's largest and most controversial instance in Scottsdale, Arizona, and also interviews those church authorities in Rome that make a determination on the visions' authenticity. This is one of the most in-depth and objective presentations of the current titles today, as it traces the author's own path from denial to doubt to beginning belief.

Miracles made possible: an autobiographical discovery of God by William Thomas Tucker — Tucker was a staunch atheist when life circumstances forced him to ask God for a series of miracles. His faith helped him to request and receive a cure for a friend's cancer, find a place to live and receive money when he needed it most.

Adult Audiobooks

Everyday grace [sound recording]: [having hope, finding forgiveness, and making miracles] by Marianne Williamson — Read from the book of the same title with annotation under General/Inspirational.

Invisible acts of power [sound recording]: [personal choices that create miracles] by Caroline Myss — The author explains how to manage our best power through non-random acts of kindness to act as a channel for divine grace and benevolence.

Journey to the boundless [sound recording]: [exploring the intimate connection between your mind, body and spirit] by Deepak Chopra — Shows how to access your inner pharmacy, harmonize your biological rhythms, discover sounds of healing, heal through touch, understand the quantum mechanical body and meditate.

The power of now [sound recording] by Eckhart Tolle — By simple language and question and answer format, the author shows how to leave the analytical mind and ego behind to search for spiritual power. A New York Times bestseller.


The Maldonado miracle [videodisc] by Showtime presents — In a small village, a statue of Jesus begins to bleed, renewing the faith of a spiritually and financially bankrupt town. Directed by Academy Award nominee Selma Hayek, with Academy Award nominees Peter Fonda and Mare Winningham.


  • A Course in Miracles — This "course" is a unique universal self-study spiritual thought system that teaches the way to love and inner peace
  • Angel Scribe — Submit your angelic or miracle experience or read messages from the angels, read about children who see angels, and read about prayers that helped and how to pray more effectively