Patron Service Improvement Project — Phase IV

Phase IV of Improvement Project Complete

Beginning in January 2017, the library embarked on phase four of a renovation plan to update the building, make the library accessible to all users and to fulfill our core values of Relevance, Access, Integrity and Leadership.


This phase remodeled the Friends of the Library used bookstore, Secondhand Prose, relocated six study rooms and added three more, and reconfigured the Teen Space to provide collaborative spaces, update furnishings and mitigate noise. It carries on the improvements of the previous Patron Service Improvement Projects, which renovated service points in the central area of the library, the main restrooms, lobby and the Children's Library.

The Patron Service Improvement Project Phase IV will accomplish the following:

  • Reconfigure Secondhand Prose retail space
  • Update lighting and fixtures in Secondhand Prose
  • Relocate six group study rooms
  • Create three additional study rooms
  • Provide collaborative work space
  • Update furnishings in the Northeast corner
  • Mitigate sound
  • Add a printer/copier/scanner to the East End
  • Increase number of electrical outlets and charging stations


The budgeted costs of $139,240, $686,560 and $67,082 for Secondhand Prose, Northeast corner and Southeast corner, respectively, will be paid with a fund balance transfer.

Additional Information


Why not add a top floor? It would be much more roomy and space-y.

I would love to do this, Fatima! We have discussed this idea over the years. The original building was not built with adequate support for a second story, and the costs to shore up the first floor sufficiently to support a second floor are out of our reach. Once we realized how much work it would be, we took a step back and evaluated the space we do have. We prioritized the feedback from patrons and staff, and focused on rearranging and renovating the existing floorplan to better meet our patrons' needs and demands--and the Patron Service Improvement Projects were born.

I still dream about how much fun it would be to have a larger library, and maybe someday it will happen. I am, however, really pleased with the citizen and staff input into the renovations over the last four years, and I hope you will enjoy the improvements when we're done this spring.

Thank you for your comments! It is always great to hear from our patrons.


Eva Davis, Director