Patron Service Improvement Project — Phase III

Phase III of Improvement Project-- Completed

As of March 31, 2016, the Children's Library is open.

Beginning in December 2015, the library will embark on phase three of renovations to update the building, make the library accessible to all users and to fulfill our core values of Relevance, Access, Integrity and Leadership.


This renovation focuses on the Children's Library, the Purple Room and the two family restrooms. It carries on the improvements of the 2014 and 2015 Patron Service Improvement Projects, which renovated service points in the central area of the library, the main restrooms, and the lobby. Phase III includes a new layout of the Children's Library, relocation of computer stations, new furnishings and flooring, additional shelving, improved early literacy and play areas, and a self-service area with a printer/copier/scanner and self-checkout machines. The family restrooms will be renovated and a drinking fountain will be added.

During the project, scheduled for completion in April 2016, the Children's Library will be closed. Select children's materials will be moved for public access to the East End of the library beginning in December. This shift will result in the temporary relocation of adult nonfiction, biography, and adult and teen audio fiction materials.

The Patron Service Improvement Project Phase III will accomplish the following:

  • Bring family restrooms into ADA compliance
  • Update bathroom fixtures and plumbing
  • Add a drinking fountain with bottle-filling capability
  • Improve the traffic flow through the space
  • Create early literacy technology stations
  • Allow for small group study space
  • Centralize computer stations and Help Desk
  • Provide audio/visual capability to the activity room
  • Add a self-service point in the Children's Library
  • Increase number of electrical outlets and charging stations


The budgeted costs of $761,825 and $86,475 for the Children's Library and restrooms, respectively, will be paid from a combination of a fund balance transfer, operating funds and donations, including a $15,000 contribution from The Friends of the Canton Public Library.

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Who chose the basalt and lava colors for the children's section? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but I hope you went with those colors because the materials were on clearance! Haven't talked to anyone yet in the library that likes them.

Hi Allison,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our Children's Library renovation. It's really hard to get the full effect of the color scheme our designer picked out with the samples on the display board and bits and pieces shown on our Facebook posts. As it comes together, it looks better and better and we are getting more and more excited. We hope that when you see the completed project you will feel the same enthusiasm. There are some great new features, like an AWE early literacy station, drinking fountain and study booths and lots of additional power outlets, that make the space both functional and perfectly suited to our community.
Laurie Golden
Community Relations Department Head