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Bestsellers — Manga

Data Provided by the New York Times
New York Times Bestsellers for the week of 2014-04-20, linked to Canton Public Library's Catalog.
  1. Naruto, vol. 65 by Masashi Kishimoto
    The magical beast Ten Tails has awoken and only Naruto and the Allied Shinobi Forces stand in its way!
  2. Bleach, vol. 60 by Tite Kubo
    Ichigo Kurosaki sees dead people and helps usher them safely into the afterlife. In this volume, Ichigo returns to the World of the Living, where he encounters his father.
  3. Soul eater, vol. 19 by Atsushi Ohkubo
    Death the Kid decides that the only way to ensure harmony and balance is to destroy civilization until nothing remains.
  4. Attack on titan, vol. 1 by Hajime Isayama
    Is this the end of humanity? It sure looks that way when what is left of mankind must go into hiding to escape the giant humanoids known as the Titans.
  5. Sword art online: aincrad by Reki Kawahara and Tamako Nakamura
    In the not–too–distant future, a popular virtual reality video game traps its users, so the only way to log out is to beat the game. But if they die in the virtual world, it also means “game over” in the real world!
  6. Attack on titan: before the fall, vol. 1 by Hajime Isayama, Ryo Suzukaze and Satoshi Shiki
    In this prequel story, a group of Titan–worshipping cultists open the gates and a baby is the only survivor when a Titan inevitably attacks.
  7. Fairy tail, vol. 36 by Hiro Mashima
    Fairy Tail vaults to the top of the rankings in the Grand Magic Games but why aren’t they excited about their victory?
  8. Puella magi madoka magica: the different story, vol. 1 by Magica Quartet and Hanokage
    Two magical girls, Mami and Kyouko Sakura, join forces and become fast friends until a decision from Kyouko’s past comes back to haunt her.
  9. Wolf children: ame and yuki by Mamoru Hosoda and Yu
    Hana meets and falls in love with a man who is a werewolf, but when tragedy strikes, she is forced to raise their children alone in this adaptation of the animated film.
  10. Attack on titan: junior high, vol. 1 by Hajime Isayama and Saki Nakagawa
    This spin-off series features the middle school adventures of Eren, Mikasa and the rest of the “Attack On Titan” cast.