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Bestsellers — Hardcover Graphic Books

Data Provided by the New York Times
New York Times Bestsellers for the week of 2015-02-01, linked to Canton Public Library's Catalog.
  1. Can't we talk about something more pleasant? by Roz Chast
    In this memoir, the cartoonist examines her parents from their early days as mother and father to their later years facing old age and poor health.
  2. Here by Richard McGuire
    This book imagines what might have happened, or will happen, in the physical space of a living room from the dawn of time to the distant future.
  3. Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley
    A restaurant chef discovers how to go back and “fix” previous events in her life, but each change brings unintended, and potentially dangerous, consequences.
  4. American vampire, vol. 7 by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque
    After a time-jump to the 1960s, this volume finds Pearl living in Kansas while a new villain awaits on the horizon.
  5. The graveyard book, vol. 2 by Neil Gaiman, P Craig Russell and others
    The adaptation of Mr. Gaiman’s story, where a living boy is raised by ghosts, concludes here.
  6. The graveyard book, vol. 1 by Neil Gaiman, P Craig Russell and others
    A host of artists — including P. Craig Russell, Kevin Nowlan and Jill Thompson — help adapt Mr. Gaiman’s tale, where a living boy is raised by ghosts, into graphic novel form.
  7. The best american comics 2014 by Scott McCloud and others
    This collection celebrates comics in all its forms, from graphic novels to pamphlet comics, newspapers, magazines, mini-comics, and web comics.
  8. Batman: the killing joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland
    This critically acclaimed story from 1988 offers a possible origin for the Joker.
  9. Saga: deluxe edition, vol. 1 by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples
    The first 18 issues of the sci–fi adventure series — where a newlywed couple and their newborn try to outrun bounty hunters and a mad robot prince — are collected here.
  10. Serenity: leaves on the wind by Zack Whedon and Georges Jeanty
    The space outlaw Mal Reynolds and his crew once again “aim to misbehave” by accepting a mission that will bring them into conflict with the Alliance.