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Data Provided by the New York Times
New York Times Bestsellers for the week of 2015-07-12, linked to Canton Public Library's Catalog.
  1. Down the rabbit hole by Holly Madison
    Life inside the Playboy Mansion, by a former bunny and girlfriend of Hugh Hefner.
  2. The boys in the boat by Daniel James Brown
    The University of Washington’s eight-oar crew and their quest for gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
  3. The wright brothers by David McCullough
    The story of the bicycle mechanics from Ohio who ushered in the age of flight; by the author of “1776” and “The Greater Journey.”
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  4. Gi brides by Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi
    The story of four British women who crossed the Atlantic for love after World War II.
  5. Modern romance by Aziz Ansari with Eric Klinenberg
    The comedian enlists a sociologist to help him understand today’s dating scene.
  6. The nazi officer's wife by Edith H Beer with Susan Dworkin
    The story of a Jewish woman in 1930s Vienna who, with the help of friends, moved to Munich, hid her identity and married a Nazi Party member, thus saving her life.
  7. Dead wake by Erik Larson
    The last voyage of the Lusitania, the passenger liner sunk by a German torpedo in 1915; by the author of "The Devil in the White City."
    Sunday Review
  8. Life is short (no pun intended) by Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein
    The stars of TLC’s “The Little Couple” offer a behind-the-scenes account of their relationship, their family and their professional lives.
  9. Blackout by Sarah Hepola
    A memoir of drinking and recovery.
  10. Primates of park avenue by Wednesday Martin
    A memoir of life among the wealthy women of the Upper East Side, in the satirical guise of an anthropological study.
  11. The mother tongue by Bill Bryson
    A celebration of the resilience of the English language; first published in 1990 and just reissued.
  12. However long the night by Aimee Molloy
    How Molly Melching's experiences as an exchange student in Senegal and her 40 years in Africa led her to found Tostan and become a voice for the rights of girls and women.
  13. Orange is the new black by Piper Kerman
    A memoir by a Brooklyn woman whose relationship with a drug runner gets her sentenced to a year in prison. The basis for the Netflix series, originally published in 2010.
  14. The astronaut wives club by Lily Koppel
    The wives of the Mercury Seven astronauts met regularly for mutual support; they have now been friends for more than 50 years.
    Sunday Review
  15. Devil in the grove by Gilbert King
    The Pulitzer Prize-winning account of four black men who were falsely accused of raping a 17-year-old white woman in Groveland, Fla., in 1949.
  16. Ally by Michael B Oren
  17. Wild by Cheryl Strayed
    A woman’s account of the life-changing 1,100-mile solo hike she took along the Pacific Crest Trail in 1995; a 2014 movie.
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  18. Bitter almonds by Gregg Olsen
  19. Sick in the head by Judd Apatow
    Thirty years’ worth of the filmmaker’s interviews with comedians.
  20. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
    An Olympic runner’s story of survival as a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II after his plane went down over the Pacific. A 2014 movie.
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