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Bestsellers — Combined Print and E-Book Nonfiction

Data Provided by the New York Times
New York Times Bestsellers for the week of 2014-04-27, linked to Canton Public Library's Catalog.
  1. Flash boys by Michael Lewis
    The world of high-frequency computer-driven trading, from the author of “Liar’s Poker.”
  2. Heaven is for real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
    A father recounts his 3-year-old son’s encounter with Jesus during an appendectomy.
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  3. Face the music by Paul Stanley
    A memoir by the Kiss rhythm guitarist.
  4. Love life by Rob Lowe
    The actor’s second book of stories and observations.
  5. 10% happier by Dan Harris
    A co-anchor of "Nightline" reports on the science and spiritual dimensions of meditation and how it has improved his life.
  6. Thrive by Arianna Huffington
    Personal well-being as the indispensable third measure — with money and power — of success.
  7. Killing jesus by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard
    The host of "The O'Reilly Factor" recounts the events leading up to Jesus' execution.
  8. Upstairs at the white house by J B West with Mary Lynn Kotz
    Reminiscences of five presidents and their families by a former White House major-domo. First published in 1974.
  9. Creativity, inc by Ed Catmull with Amy Wallace
    How managers can develop an environment that promotes creativity, by the co-founder and president of Pixar Animation.
  10. The divide by Matt Taibbi
    A journalist contends that economic inequality has created separate  systems of justice for the rich and poor.
  11. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
    An Olympic runner’s story of survival as a prisoner of the Japanese in World War II.
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  12. Twelve years a slave by Solomon Northup
    The narrative, first published in 1853, of a freeman who was kidnapped and sold into slavery, and spent 12 years in bondage before escaping; the basis of the movie.
  13. The opposite of loneliness by Marina Keegan
    Essays and stories by a promising young writer who died in a car crash in 2012.
  14. The nazi officer's wife by Edith H Beer with Susan Dworkin
    The story of a Jewish woman in 1930s Vienna who, with the help of friends, moved to Munich, hid her identity and married a Nazi Party member, thus saving her life.
  15. Big tent by edited Mallory Factor and Elizabeth Factor
    Essays by well-known conservatives explain how the movement developed.
  16. Living with a wild god by Barbara Ehrenreich
    The author of “Nickel and Dimed” recalls an adolescent mystical experience and reflects on science, religion and life’s meaning. 
  17. Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg with Nell Scovell
    The chief operating officer of Facebook urges women to pursue their careers without ambivalence.
  18. Uganda be kidding me by Chelsea Handler
    Humorous travel stories.
  19. Lone survivor by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson
    The only survivor of a Navy SEALs operation in northern Afghanistan describes the battle, his comrades and his courageous escape. The basis of the movie.
  20. The death of money by James Rickards
    A portfolio manager warns of the coming collapse of the dollar and the international monetary system and urges small investors to convert money into land and gold.