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Suggest a Purchase Price

I am interested in maybe purchasing the two books I have renewed (several times). Would you please suggest a purchase price so I may consider. Thank you.


Mon, 2010-01-04 10:59

Thank you for contacting us about purchasing the two books you currently have checked out. Unfortunately, we do not typically sell library materials that are currently popular and checking out. Fortunately, both are offered for sale on Amazon. I suggest that you purchase them from someone who is already offering them for sale, and therefore willing to part with them.

If you decide to keep the books that are currently checked out to you, the library will follow our overdue procedures and bill you for the items after they are more than 21 days overdue. The cost of each item will include a processing fee to offset the staff time associated with purchasing new copies, cataloging them, stickering them, stamping them, and preparing them for the shelf so that others may check them out. The price we paid for the books was $12.95 each, which is the base price we would bill you, plus processing fees.

I am glad that you find these books useful to you, and I hope that you will return them and purchase personal copies for yourself using legitimate means. The beauty of the public library is that everyone in the community shares in it, and I hope that you will allow others to also benefit from these library books.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.