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Signing into my patron record

On the My Account page ( - why do I have to go click on a separate link to see my patron record? It's a bit annoying and it seems that there's plenty of room for a login & password right under the login to my account box.


Brad Czerniak
Mon, 2010-03-01 09:17

Thank you for your suggestion.

There is a link to "Sign in to Patron Record only" instead of form inputs in order to reduce confusion. The page is already split into columns, with one side for registering and the other for signing in. If there were two sign-in boxes in the right column, it could get confusing as to what to type where. Since the username/password accounts on our website allow for one-click access to your patron record along with the ability to post to our discussion forums and comment on blog posts (not to mention allowing you to pick a username and password instead of a 14-digit barcode), the website login box is the one presented on that page.

Once again, thank you for your suggestion.

Mon, 2010-03-08 18:28

How can I observe my Patron Record without having to enter my library card number?

Brad Czerniak
Tue, 2010-03-09 12:55

If you enter your name and library card barcode into your website account (the one with the username and password), you can click the "patron record" button after logging in to get to your patron record.

To add your name and barcode to an existing account, log in with your username and password. You will go to a page with your username as the main heading. Just under it, there are some tabs. Click "edit." Below the edit tab are sub-tabs: Account and Patron Record. Click Patron Record. Then add your name and barcode and save. The button should now work, assuming the name and barcode you entered was correct.

Thank you for writing us today.