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research class

I notice the Northville library offers a research class called REAL research (realiable. expert. accurate. legitimate). It helps students avoid the free web and use sources that really matter in the library, including free databases. Do you offer something like this. I am particularly interested in the class for my homeschooled high schoolers (2). Thanks, Debbie Crocker


Tue, 2010-02-09 14:56

Hi Debbie,
The library offers a variety of educational programs throughout the year. During the fall we offered a series of workshops called “Study Skills 101” as well as a Writer’s Workshop. These programs have been very successful and we hope to offer similar programs in the future. The REAL Research Class seems to fit this criteria, so we will keep this in mind when planning programs.
Due to economic constraints we aren’t able to hire as many instructors/performers as we would like, but we will keep this program in mind when planning for the future.

Thank you for your input.
Kristen Kostielney