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Overdue Books

I am out of town and have 2 books that I was unable to renew online. I won't be returning to Michigan until 1/25/10. What do I do? Thank you


Tue, 2010-01-19 08:55

The two books you aren't able to renew are from our Lucky Day collection. Lucky Day materials are popular new titles that circulate for a shorter period and aren't renewable or holdable because we want them to get in the hands of as many people as possible. Other copies of these titles are available to be held and renewed.

Fri, 2010-01-22 23:54

I think it is crazy you can't at least renew them once, there should be a note on the books and videos stating they are non renewable. It isn't really fair to be charged for something you normally can renew without penalty. Just another money maker.

Mon, 2010-01-25 11:14

Riley, you may want to bookmark our Loan Policies page, which lists all of our collections, including whether they are holdable or renewable and the fines for keeping them beyond the due date. We try to be as transparent and communicative as possible about our rules, using methods such as signage in the Lucky Day collection itself explaining the borrowing rules, and on our website on our Loan Policies page. I am sorry to hear that you believe we've been dishonest with you.