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Not getting email notification for any overdue Books or DVD

Hi, I never get email notification on my email ID for some reason for any overdue books or DVDs or Games. So due to that I end up paying fines as I am not updated. My Wifes always sends her email notification for everything. I wanted to know why it is my account is acting like this. I have updated my email address couple of time and it has never worked. I was charged over due fines today for the Games I had. I would like to request to take $ 4.00 fine which was charged on my account and try to find out why my account is not working. Regards


Fri, 2010-02-19 13:13

Thanks for contacting us regarding our email notifications. We have verified that the email address we have on record is correct. The problem may be that your Internet Provider is blocking our messages or that they are being directed to your SPAM file. Our courtesy notices are meant to be a reminder, as is the paper receipt you receive at checkout, giving you the due date of your items. You can always keep track of the items and their due dates by logging into your account too.