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Intermediate level reading

Hello, Can you please recommend books for an adult who speaks English as a second language very well but is trying to improve reading speed? Nothing for a beginner level and not too boring? Thanks, Zina.


chitra rout
Fri, 2009-12-18 15:09

Thank you for writing to "Ask a Librarian".
Here are some of the authors who I think are interesting and yet easy to follow.

John Steinbeck's short novels like "the Pearl" and "Of Mice and Men" have created a wealth of narratives that touch both the heart and mind.

As with Steinbeck, fellow Nobel-prize winner Nadine Gordimer is seen as the conscience of her country South Africa. In "Get a life", South African ecologist Paul Bannerman finds that he is temporarily radioactive and retreats to his childhood home to protect his wife and child. Not surprisingly, it's a chance to rethink his life.

Ernest Hemingway was another classic writer who wrote unforgettable books like "For whom the bell tolls",which is definitely a worthwhile read right from the opening quote by John Donne all the way to the very last page.

Also check out other authors like Kent Haruf(Plainsong and Eventide) and William Kennedy (Ironweed)

Hope this list is helpful to you.