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If you ran away and joined the circus, which circus job which you most like to do?

Snake Charmer
5% (1 vote)
Flying Trapeze Artist
45% (10 votes)
Lion Tamer
9% (2 votes)
Strong Man
9% (2 votes)
Tightrope Walker
14% (3 votes)
Ring Master
18% (4 votes)
Total votes: 22


Brad Czerniak
Sat, 2009-10-24 22:49

I voted Lion Tamer because it reminds me of the song "Bozo's Lament" by Jonathan Coulton:

"I should have been a lion tamer
Those guys get all the girls
In a cage in satin tights
In a mane of golden curls
Everybody loves the guy who lives in danger
But in the center ring
I’m safe from everything except for..."