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Creative Writing for Teens


In this course we'll explore ways to help you express the creative writer within. Leave everything you've learned in school so far about writing at the door and enter with a beginner's mind. This course doesn't give you more rules, it shows you how to let go of the limitations of rule based writing in order to free your creative voice. Our focus is on the creative side of writing; exercises, acceptance, constructive guidance, and encouragement are what you'll find here.

Please read the attached Introduction document below.

Exercises and Assignments

You may turn in your exercises using the submission form, via email, or in hard copy. I'll be posting documents to this section in the near future that will explain exercises and assignments for this course. I'll also post helpful information here.

Your assignments are listed in attachments below. I'll be posting these on a regular basis.

Check out the Writing Tips I put together and attached at the bottom of this page.  


We have forums set up for you to get to know each other and talk about the class. Be sure to check the forums often. Start by adding a brief introduction so we know a bit about who you are. You might include your thoughts on writing, and any writing that you've done so far. Have a web site? Add it to your introduction!

Your Instructor

Linda Papa is an Instructional Designer at the University of Detroit Mercy where she has worked since 2001. Before joining UDM, Linda worked as an Instructional Designer for Citicorp Data Systems, Inc., and as a Technical Writer for La Quinta Motor Inns. In addition to 20 years of writing experience, Linda is an avid artist and has been keeping a journal for the past 30 years.

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