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Can non-Canton residents have an online account?

Hi, As a Plymouth resident with a PDL library card, I was able to borrow books from CPL. Now I would like to be able to renew them online, but when I try to set up an online account it doesn't like my card number. Are reciprocal borrowers allowed to have an online account with CPL? Thanks.


Thu, 2010-01-07 11:04

Yes, reciprocal borrowers are entitled to have accounts in order to renew materials online. Your library account must be active in our patron database, however, and the library card number you supplied in your inquiry does not exist in our database at present. We can change that though... just come in with your Plymouth (or any other reciprocating community) card and photo ID, and we'll enter your information in our database. You can also create a unique login on our website, which gives you additional functionality. Stop at the Reference Desk for more information.

BA Howard
Wed, 2010-01-20 05:46

I register for an account in April 2009 and was given a sign in and pswd but not an account number. I would sincerely appreciate your assistance.

Thank you