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Book returned but not checked in

I sent a previous message about a returned book that has not been taken off my record. I thought it was borrowed from another library but I was mistaken. It is a Canton PL book. I returned it in the inside book return over a week ago. "Perfection" by Julie Metz Could you look for it? Thank you


Mon, 2010-02-08 12:15

We wrote back to the patron: "I have looked here and don’t see it; however, I took it off your record since you are pretty sure you returned it. Its status now is “claims returned”. Should you find it, say, under the seat of your car (which happens fairly often), just drop it off."

And she wrote back: "Thank you. I did a double check in my car, as you suggested and looked everywhere it could be in my house. I always keep the library books in the same place and am very good about returning them on time as you can see by my record. I think I have only had an overdue book once in 8 years. Maybe it will show up at the library. In the meantime I will certainly keep my eye out here."

And a short time later wrote again: "Hi, it's me again. I kept looking around the house and found it in a new place. I'm so sorry. Thank you for believing me even though I was wrong. I will return it today."

Wed, 2012-03-28 06:53


We returned the following DVD on March 25th at the deposit inside the library:

-Valkyrie [videodisc] / produced by Gilbert Adler, Christopher McQuarrie, Bryan Singer ;

However, we see it still checked out to us. Can you please check to see if you have it?


Jerry Farrell

Mon, 2012-05-14 13:32

Today Afternoon i returned videodisc "Parinda" barcode 35149002709768, using drop box at library entrance.but it still shows checked out at my name.Can you please check what's wrong with it and do the need full.

Sanjai Sharma