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Having Fun with the Fuzz and the Agents

There are a few movies opening this weekend but none of them look as fun or hilarious as the one that I saw last weekend, "Hot Fuzz".I had been waiting all year to see "Hot Fuzz" and it was worth the wait. It easily could be the best comedy of 2007 For those of you who don't know, "Hot Fuzz" is an action-comedy homage to the over the top action cop genre of movies. It's a British film from the makers of "Shaun of the Dead" and it's just as funny if not better.

And if you're looking for some four color fun I recommend the graphic novel "Agents of Atlas" from Marvel Comics which hit stores this week (You can place holds on the library's copy now). The series collects the "Agents of Atlas" mini-series and follows the adventures of an eclectic group of heroes each with their own distinct personality (The spy, The goddess, The robot, The spaceman, the gun-toting Gorilla, and the Atlantean Princess) who protected the world during the 1950s and reunite for an adventure today. At it's heart "Agents of Atlas" is a poignant story about the power of friendship but it also delivers heaping helpings of action and intrigue. In addition the original mini-series, the graphic novel includes plenty of DVD style extras including the original adventures of the characters (which date back to the Golden Age of Comics), and a collection of creator interviews written by your's truly.