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Getting Caught inthe Web of Spider-Man

With Spider-Man 3 swinging back into theaters today, we'll be talking about both the silver screen and four color incarnations of everybody's favorite web-slinger. The big question on everybody's mind of course is Spider-Man 3 any good and if so how does it compare to the first two films? Well I caught a special press screening of the film last week and I'm happy to say it's a good and highly entertaining movie. It's not without it's problems but in my opinion it's probably the funnest of the trilogy. If you want more of my opinion, here's a link to the review I wrote for Comic Book Resources: Also my fellow CBR writer Andy Khouri attended the Spider-Man 3 press junket in Los Angeles and got a chance to interview the director and stars of the film: His interview with director Sam Rami: His Interview with Tobey Maguire: His interview with Thomas Haden Church (who play the villainous Sandman): His Interview with James Franco (who plays Harry Osborne): His Interview with Topher Grace (Who plays Eddie Brock/Venom): His Interview with Kirsten Dunst: His Interview with Bryce Dallas Howard (Who Plays Gwen Stacy): With Spider-Man's return to theaters some people might be curious about Webhead's comic book adventures and there's a lot of good ways to get caught up. The "Essential Spider-Man" volumes collect twenty issues into a large black and white phone book style format. For readers looking to familiarize themselves with some of the more classic Spider-Man moments these are the way to go Fans of the classic Spider-Man might also want to check out the hardcover Marvel Masterworks collections. These collect some of the earliest Spider-Man adventures but in smaller volumes. Each issue features four to five stories but they're in full color. Those looking for a more modern day take on Peter Parker's adventures might want to check out the Ultimate Spider-Man series. This series restarts Spider-Man's adventures in a modern day setting. In these books Peter Parker is fifteen and attends high school. The protagonist may be young but writer Brian Michael Bendis packs in enough action, humor, drama, and pathos for Spider-Man fans of all ages. Spider-Man fans will also want to pay a visit to their local comic book store (Comic City: is Canton's local store) this Saturday, because Saturday across the nation is Free Comic Book Day. In honor of the event Marvel Comics have commissioned a special Spider-Man comic to be given out free to everybody who visits their local comic store on Saturday. In addition many other companies have prepared free comic books that can serve can serve as primers and introductions to a variety of different and interesting titles.