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Graphic Novels The Cure for The Summer TV Doldrums

Spring has arrived which means many of the best TV shows will be gone till fall. Many people will be looking for new stories to keep from dwelling on the cliff hanger endings of their favorite shows. So to help my fellow tv addicts cope with their summer withdrawls here's a list of some graphic novels that you may enjoy. Fan of Lost? Try some of the works of Brian K Vaughan. Brian K Vaughan is a comic book writer who has been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards (the highest honors in comic book world) and he recently joined the writing staff of Lost. One of Vaughan's most celebrated works is "Y the Last Man" a series that follows the exploits of Yorrick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand. Yorrick and Ampersand are the two surviving males in a world (much like our own) where all other males (both human and animal have been wiped out by a plague. It's sort of the nightmarish aspect of every man's alleged fantasy. The first graphic novel in the series is called "Unmanned" Fan of Heroes? Try Watchmen. Watchmen is written by Alan Moore and is one of the most acclaimed graphic novels. Watchmen was named one of the 100 greatest novels ever by Time Magazine. The graphic novel takes place in a world where super powered people took part in historical events. Heroes fans will see how Watchmen inspired the show's writing staff in a number of ways Fan of Cop shows like Law & Order and the Shield? Try Gotham Central. Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka's gritty police procedural series follow the exploits of Gotham City's Major Crimes Unit. Gotham might be protected by Batman but the Dark Knight can't be everywhere and it's up to Gotham's MCU to tackle the city's toughest cases. Volume one in the series is called "In the Line of Duty" Fan of the Sopranos? Try Criminal or Scalped. Criminal is an eisner nominated series of interconnected graphic novels that explore the lives of a number of 2nd generation career criminals, who are all connected because their parents used to pull heists together. The first volume in the series is called "Coward" and tells the story of Leo, a guy who's an expert theif but has been labelled a coward by his peers because he does whatever he can to avoid violence and bloodshed, but when a heist goes wrong, Leo might just have to give into that dark urge for violence in order to surive Scalped had been described as The Sopranos on a Reservation. It stars Daishell Bad Horse, an FBI agent undercover in an organized crime family that operates on an Indian Reservation. Volume 1 is titled "Indian Country" and is available this August