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TAB Review of Tsubasa vol.4

If you've read Cardcapters then Tusbasa is a must read. It's kinda the continuation, but in a different world. In this series Sakura and Syaoran(Lee) are of course still in love, but Sakura is a Princess and her brother Toya has been king sense their father died. Yukito is still in the story and trying to keep peace between Toya and Sakura as usual. Everything is fine until Sakura losses her soul, each piece takes the form of a feather and as they return them to Sakura regains a piece of her strenghth and memory, but she will never remember Syaoran or her love for him because that was the price he had to pay to make the journey. As they embark on a world-spanning adventure they take along a few new friends, brought together Yuka the Space Time Witch. Most important is Mokona a little creature that can sense Sakura's feathers and transport everyone from one world to the next (unfortuanitly Mokona's landings aren't aren't the best), then there's Kurogane, and Fai who loves helping Mokona annoy Kurogane. Thou in this volume Sakura has come out of a coma she is still very week and tends to fall asleep at the worest times possible. This volume starts with Sakura regaining a piece of her strength and a memory a birthday, where she first met Syaoran. In the memory instead of talking to Syaoran she remembers talking to a empty chair. When they leave they end up on the side of a lake where Sakura calapses. While she sleeps Fai and Kurogane search the area, eventually endind in Fai chaseing after a very anoyyed Kuogane (they dicover he doesn't like Mokona's immitadeing skils or being tickeled) while Syaoran searches the lake. After there advatures in that world (which you'll have to read to find out about) Mokona takes them to what seems like 19th century Europe. In the small town they learn of a ghostly, golden haired princess who comes to the town at night to steal children. Is the princess just a 300 year old legond, that ironically invoves a feather, or is she really the one takeing children. Either way Syaoran and his friends ride into the woods to solve the mystery, rescue the children, and hopefully find a pice of Sakura's soul.