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TAB Review of Ranma 1/2 Vol.36

Yes, Ranma 1/2 is finally endind after 16 years and 36 volimes, making it the longest running Manga serious in America. In the story many of the main characters have fallen in to cursed springs where animals ir people have drowned and turn in to different animals/people when splashed with water, they turn back in hot water thou. The main character Ranma fell into the spring of cursed drowned girl, so he turns into a girl, while training with his father Genma Saotome, who turns into a panda. Ranma and his father move in with the Tendo family, Soun Tendo and his daughters Akane, Nabiki, and Kasumi) because Genma and Soun are old friends and plan for Ranma and Akane to get married, but there are many obsticales the two men didn't count, including Ranma and Akane's egos that wont let them admit they love one another even thou everyone else in the book and everyone reading know they do. Ranma's ego also wont let him take defeat which gets Ranma into a lot of trouble and gets him a lot of enemies. Another problom is the suitors. Along with Ranma, Akane also has two other suitors, Ryoga, am old enemy of Ranma who tyurns into a little black pig, and upperclassmen Kuno, who hates male Ranma, but is also female Ranma's suitor. Then along with Akane, Ranma also has three other suitors Kodachi, Kuno's twisted sister, the black rose, who fights with Ranma and the other suitors using Martial Arts Rhythmic (she usually carries ribbons with her), Ukyo who is a okonomiyaki cheif (she fights with a giant spachula), and Shampoo who turns into a cat (she's an amazon and was taught martial arts by her grandma Cologne, who owns the Cat Cafe'). Shampoo has a suitor named Mousse (and no he doesn't turn into a mousse) who is nearsighted and always mistakes Shamppo's grandma for shampoo, he hates Ranma (he is a master at hidden weapons and always has something up his sleeve). Then there's Hinako who is a teacher at Ranma and Akane's school who witches between the form of a child and adult by draining her opponent's energy (her opponent is usually Ranma) and Happosai who is a drunk old man who pops in and out of the books to drink saki and steal underwear grom teenage girls. In this volum Ranma finishes his fight with Saffron. Then everyones favorit questiopns are answered and we finally find out who ends up with who.