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TAB Review of Fruits Basket vol.16

Okay, this is one of my favorit series, so if you haven't read any start cause it's amazing. For those who haven't read here's the story. It begins with Tohru Honda being found camping on the Sohma proberty. Tohru was liveing in a tent because her mother had died and she didn't want to be a bother to her mothers family, her father had died when she was little and she doesn't know that side of her family. Shiguri Sohma owned the property and two other members of his family were staying with him, Kyo and Yuki. They lived outside the family property which consited of the main house where the head of the family and a selected few lived and then pretty much everyone else lived right out side that. The family property is like a lttle town on its own. Anyway Kyo and Yuki know Tohru from school and she ends up staying with them and shiguri. Soon after moving in Tohru discovers the Sohma family secret, certin members (the ones who lve in the main house) are possesed by the vengeful spirits of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. When ever one of them is weak or is hugged my a member of the opposite gender they tranform into the zodiac animal, the only exception to hugging is the other members of the family who are cursed. They also attract and understand the the zodiac animals. For instance Kyo is possesed by the cat and he attracts stray cats that tend to talk and annoy him. Tohru meets more and more members of the zodiac through out the volum,es and she also has the misfortune to meet Akito, the head of the house. Akito is very ill, has a foel temper, tends to get violent, and copntrols every member of the zodiac. (in short everyone pretty much hates him. There are also different probloms that arise for the different characters and each member of the zodiac has amusing qualities. (for instance the one possesed by trhe monkey is a cross dresser) In this volume Kyo reveals (to the readers and none of the characters) that he had talked to Tohru's mother when he was little and she had told him all about Tohru's dad and there life. He also talks about how he loves Tohru ,but doesn't think they will ever be together and that he is an idiot for even thinking it. There is also a good portion about Yuki and the student council, and when i say student council I mean things are heating up between him and one of the girls, but I'm not saying who. Then finally Kyo and Tohru spend New Years at Shishou-san while everyone else went to the main house, where sparks fly between Yuki and, eveyones favorit character, Akito. So if you've read the series then find this volume, and if you haven't then start reading and eventually you'll get to this volume. There's humor, relationships, mystery,and lots of arguing and fighting, what more could you want.