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TAB Review of Mars Vol.1

To start Mars is possibly one of the best seies ever, so if you haven't read it then trust me and read it because it's amazing. I know it's hard to believe, but I'm actually going to review volume 1 first. This story starts in the park with one of the main characters, Kira, drawing. Then the other main character, Rei, comes up and asks her for directions. (and yes, I'm going to ruin one part that I"m sure no ones guessed, these two main characters eventually fall for each other. I know very odd for a romance Manga series, but yes it happens) Kira recognizes Rei from school, draws him a map, unknowingly on the back of a picture of a mother and baby she had drawn, and leaves without saying anything. She judges Rei before actually getting to know him and she doesn't like him based on her judgement. (Again a couple not liking each other in the begining of a manga series, so weird I know) Kira is the shy girl in class who doesn't talk , doesn't have any friends, is considered smart, and is in the art club. While Rei is the most popular guy that every girl (except Kira) wants, he lives alone, races motercycles, and he's known as the "bad boy" of the school. (Perfect match right) Well in this volume Kira realizes she prejudged Rei, the two realize they like each other, but as in all great manga series there is a series of probloms in there way. There's fights, death threats, romance, jealousy, and a really bad teacher. And this is all in the first volume, wait till you read the other 14.