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Religion Virtual Database


Let me introduce you to an interesting database! Contrary to its name, articles in the Religion Virtual Collection are not just about religion. It also contains the Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which has articles about classical philosophy, (examples are Aristotelianism, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato) theological philosophy (atheism, mysticism), psychological philosophy (Freud, psychoanalysis, behaviorism), sociological philosophy (racism, feminism), and political philosophy (communism, socialism, terrorism). It also contains the Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America which explains every ethnic group in America with a background study on the country of origin and then a history of this group in America with info on everything from their health habits to foods eaten. There are also links to publications and organizations online that are specific to that group. To make things easy, Arab Americans are broken into Lebanese Americans, Syrian, Egyptian, Saudi, Iranian, etc. so you'll get the specific group without hassle. And not just for ethnic groups originating outside America, there is also an article on every Native American Indian tribe that existed once or now exists in America. So, not just for religious beliefs, but also for settlement patterns, traditions, customs, holidays, proverbs, cuisine, languages spoken, education levels, family dynamics, birth customs, funeral customs, the role of women in that culture and employment patterns of an ethnic group, check this database. Emboldened subject headings make skimming for the topic of interest a snap. There is also a list of famous or prominent people that have emerged from this ethnic background at the end of the article. This is a virtual taste from the melting pot of past and present ethnic diversity in America, sliced up for easy consumption! Enjoy a byte of it today! Click on the link above to start searching!