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Surfing with the Fantastic Four

With Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer hitting theaters today you might think that I as a fan of Marvel Comics' First Family would be excited. There's a reason why I'm not. It's because I'm a fan of the comic adventures of the FF and I saw the first film, which granted children loved but it seemed like if you were over 6 or liked even a little dose of intelligence in your movies was not for you. This latest incarnation appears to be more of the same. I hope I'm wrong and I hope it's good but unless I can see it for free I don't plan on seeing it. Here's some early reviews of the film so you can judge for yourself: Instead of watching the Fantastic Four get mutilated on the screen I plan on sitting back and reading some of their classic adventures which are available in two ways: the fun and affordable phone book style Essential editions which collects around twenty adventures in an easily affordable black and white edition or the Masterworks which collect four adventures in color in hardback. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's run on Fantastic Four revolutionized comic books and popular culture in general. When the FF debuted for the first time ever readers were given superheroes with real problems that they could identify with. Especially with the character of Ben Grimm AKA The Thing a man with a big heart who painfully became trapped in the body of a monster. Also observant readers might notice before the armored menace of Darth Vader exploded onto the screen, the armored Dr. Doom was menacing the FF. Also Jack Kirby's art is simply amazing. The dynamic and intense action literally explodes off the page. With Kirby's art you don't just see and read Fantastic Four stories you feel them. For those who want to read the comics that inspired Rise of the Silver Surfer, the character's debut is collected in volume 3 of the Essential Fantastic Four. The story that introduces the Silver Surfer and his master Galactus is widely regarded as one the best superhero yarns of all time. Lastly for those who prefer a little more modern take on the Fantastic Four, Marvel is currently publishing Ultimate Fantastic Four, which re imagines the superhero team as a team of teenage geniuses. The book is also a fun read and is a nice homage to the original stories