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Yipee Kai Ay Mother . . .

Next week the latest installment of one of the most beloved action film franchises ever blasts into theaters "Live Free or Die Hard." This is the fourth film where Bruce Willis has portrayed NYPD Detective John McClane and the first Die Hard film revolutionized action films. In the 90's many action films could be described as "Die Hard on a fill in the blank. So in honor of the fourth film I give you a list of some of the better Die Hard inspired movies: Under Siege 1 and 2: (Die Hard on a Boat and a Train) I know what you're thinking what are not one but two Steven Segal movies doing on this list? But truthfully these are really fun and well made movies thanks in no small part to the villains in both films. Segal plays a former Navy SEAL turned cook who has to deal with terrorists who have taken over an aircraft carrier in the first film and a train in the second. Tommy Lee Jones pretty much steals the first film as deranged wannabe rockstar terrorist, while Eric Bogosian steals the second movie as a disgruntled scientist with a doomsday weapon The Rock: (Die Hard in a Prison) Probably the best movie made so far by the big budget summer schlock master Michael Bay. In this film terrorists take over Alcatraz and a scientist employed by the FBI played by Nicholas Cage and an aging British commando with a history on the island played by Sean Connery are the only two who can stop them. A lot of this film succeeds because of the chemistry between Cage and Connery. Plus it's fun watching Connery in action. It's almost like if 007 aged in real time. Ed Harris also shines as the film's villain a disgruntled general who decides to go rogue Cliffhanger: (Die Hard on a Mountain): Yes this a Stallone film but it's one of his rare good action ones (like Demolition Man). Stallone plays a mountain climbing expert who must battle both the elements and a heavily armed band of thieves on a mountain Air Force One: (Die Hard on Plane): Remember where Harrison Ford made good action movies? If you don't give this film a watch. Granted the premise of the film is probably the most far fetched out of any of the films on this list but we're here to have fun and Air Force One certainly is a fun film. Ford plays the President of the United States, who through an unlikely turn of events is forced to single handedly take on a team of terrorists who have hijacked the presidential plane.